Utilization of computer technology in Bangladesh Bangladesh is a country that is still being built. We are a very long way from the technical advances that are being made in the western world today. A port of entry into Bangladesh was established by PC a few years ago. The people that make up our team are very enthusiastic about computer systems. Many people are only beginning to understand how to operate and make use of it, while many others have already achieved mastery in this area. The personal computer may be used both offline and online. However, the vast majority of people in Bangladesh use it to write words. Our service providers do not have the necessary programming skills. As a direct consequence of this, we are not receiving the maximum advantages that are available from the computer sector. The usage of personal computers is very restricted in Bangladesh. To begin, the field of healthcare has made significant strides in computerizing its operations in recent years. We have ct scans, mri scans, ultrasonography, electrocardiograms, and other diagnostic tools at our healthcare facilities in Bangladesh, all of which are evidence of the outstanding usage of computers in Bangladesh. Second, prosperous companies are increasingly adopting the use of computer systems. They have recognized its worth as a result of the demand placed on your time, effort, and resources, as well as the thing itself. A great number of the financial institutions in our country are now operating with the assistance of computer technology. It should come as no surprise that there are corporate details that are very efficient, time-intensive for shorter periods, and exact. To reiterate, some of the most prestigious educational institutions in Bangladesh are now equipped with computer systems. It is also being used by a number of notable organizations, businesses, and the like. At this time, the results of ssc and hsc examinations are announced with the assistance of a computer. Recently, classes on computer education have been given in session numbers 9, 10, 11, and 12 at a wide variety of educational institutions and establishments in the country of Bangladesh. The instructors at these businesses are getting training in pcs so that they can educate their students. moreover, higher programs on computers, computer technology, and computer technical innovation have also been provided at several public and private firms. these programs may be found in some universities. Because a personal computer is a highly specialized piece of equipment, using one effectively requires a great deal of attention to detail and ability. However, since we do not have sufficient knowledge on it, we are unable to get the full benefits from it. As a result, we need instruction and specifics for the suitable use. To summarize, there should be an expansion of the usage of personal computers in Bangladesh. If everyone of us is familiar with it and proficient in its application, we will not fall behind but rather maintain pace with the rapid pace of technological advancement in the world today. When compared to other nations’ information for computers, ours is a highly interesting item.


The general illumination market is fairly substantial, with a capacity comparable to that of smart phones, and it has been seeing rapid expansion. The energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps account for almost more than 40 percent of the structure of the general lighting market. However, the trend of incandescent lamps is down, and as the global ban on the sale of incandescent national policy has been further implemented, the proportion of energy-saving lamps and led lighting will increase. 2–3 percent of the total lighting items that have been installed are led lights. This represents a growing market share for led lighting. According to the data that was collected worldwide in 2012, however, led lighting goods that had recently been marketed accounted for 15 percent of the market share; China’s percentage is even greater. The high-speed development stage of led lighting is now in the stage of having a penetration rate of between 15% and 60%. The stage in which an industrial sector is experiencing the fastest growth rate is during the stage of having a penetration rate that is between 15% and 60%. led is in the early stage of the outbreak period, the 15 percent to 60 percent penetration will be completed within the next two to three years, and then followed by 1-2 years of 60 percent??to 80 percent penetration. This is comparable to the penetration of smart phones, which has grown rapidly over the past two years and has now reached 60 percent penetration. compared to the introduction period of previous years ago, led lighting growth has slowed in 2011. this is primarily due to the fact that led prices occurred avalanche drop in 2011, and the beginning of the current price is only 30 percent of those of 2000. led is in the state of intelligent phones two years ago. The rise of total exports has more than doubled, while the growth of production is only approximately 40-50 percent. The size of the lead market as a whole increased by 26 percent in 2012, while the led market for general lighting increased by 40 percent. In the next two years, the demand for led lighting will maintain a growth rate of around one hundred percent per year; however, due to the influence of falling prices, the production growth will be lower than the demand increase. the growth of the led lighting market marks led lighting because of the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection is now more and more welcomed by us. although the price of led lighting is high in comparison to traditional cfl, the latter savings in electricity and replacement and maintenance costs far exceed extra purchase cost, the lead lighting has constantly strived to innovate production and r & d team, such as in addition adopting qualified highly integrated cob as the light source. the lead lighting has also adopted qualified highly integrated cob as the light source because You may learn more about additional comprehensive and particular led indoor and outdoor lighting by logging into the website of the led tube light, which is www.ledclan.com, or by clicking here, which will take you to www.lead-lighting.com.


The connection between songs and our lives is strong. Music is an integral part of our lives, and it seems inconceivable that we could ever live without it. The use of music has allowed us to achieve true harmony in all aspects of our lives. You may not be able to locate at least one individual who does not like at least one kind of music, but it does not mean that you cannot. There are a great number of music fans in our planet, and those individuals often travel while also looking for the rarest collections possible. This is the case with a very small number of people in the society, and such individuals are often referred to as music maniacs. You may find various collections on the internet. You could listen to them go on the internet, or you could download them for free. Either option is open to you. However, there are certain websites that won’t let you download the tracks for free, but they will provide you access to specific features via which you may get the real songs or beats without having to make any payments. There is at least one website that requires you to have a sufficient number of itunes codes, and using these codes allows you to have access to the songs or even beats that are made accessible on the sites. It’s possible that you’ve been giving some thought to the many methods by which you might get your own iTunes coupons. In many situations, you won’t be able to get your hands on the codes until after you’ve made a specific purchase; however, this isn’t the case here as you will be given free iTunes gift card codes after registering with the website. In other words, you won’t have to make any purchases in order to get your hands on the codes. In addition to this, after completing certain surveys offered by the internet, you could also get prerequisites for itunes. These kinds of surveys are often sent with the primary purpose of gaining an understanding of the interests and preferences of the visitors, with the end goal of being able to make appropriate updates to the itunes sites. After meeting a certain minimum number of itunes prerequisites, you will be eligible to redeem the codes on the websites in order to claim the available itunes gift cards. There are several varieties of iTunes gift cards available, each of which may be purchased for a different amount of money. These gift certificates will be sent to you within a very short amount of time, and with the use of these cards, you will be able to access any song that is held by any form of stone music. These songs may potentially be mixed together to produce a masterpiece of a compilation. This might very well pave the way for a manner of beginning a party at the location. find out more

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