Utilization of computer technology in Bangladesh Bangladesh is a country that is still being built. We are a very long way from the technical advances that are being made in the western world today. A port of entry into Bangladesh was established by PC a few years ago. The people that make up our team are very enthusiastic about computer systems. Many people are only beginning to understand how to operate and make use of it, while many others have already achieved mastery in this area. The personal computer may be used both offline and online. However, the vast majority of people in Bangladesh use it to write words. Our service providers do not have the necessary programming skills. As a direct consequence of this, we are not receiving the maximum advantages that are available from the computer sector. The usage of personal computers is very restricted in Bangladesh. To begin, the field of healthcare has made significant strides in computerizing its operations in recent years. We have ct scans, mri scans, ultrasonography, electrocardiograms, and other diagnostic tools at our healthcare facilities in Bangladesh, all of which are evidence of the outstanding usage of computers in Bangladesh. Second, prosperous companies are increasingly adopting the use of computer systems. They have recognized its worth as a result of the demand placed on your time, effort, and resources, as well as the thing itself. A great number of the financial institutions in our country are now operating with the assistance of computer technology. It should come as no surprise that there are corporate details that are very efficient, time-intensive for shorter periods, and exact. To reiterate, some of the most prestigious educational institutions in Bangladesh are now equipped with computer systems. It is also being used by a number of notable organizations, businesses, and the like. At this time, the results of ssc and hsc examinations are announced with the assistance of a computer. Recently, classes on computer education have been given in session numbers 9, 10, 11, and 12 at a wide variety of educational institutions and establishments in the country of Bangladesh. The instructors at these businesses are getting training in pcs so that they can educate their students. moreover, higher programs on computers, computer technology, and computer technical innovation have also been provided at several public and private firms. these programs may be found in some universities. Because a personal computer is a highly specialized piece of equipment, using one effectively requires a great deal of attention to detail and ability. However, since we do not have sufficient knowledge on it, we are unable to get the full benefits from it. As a result, we need instruction and specifics for the suitable use. To summarize, there should be an expansion of the usage of personal computers in Bangladesh. If everyone of us is familiar with it and proficient in its application, we will not fall behind but rather maintain pace with the rapid pace of technological advancement in the world today. When compared to other nations’ information for computers, ours is a highly interesting item.

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