This teaches you how to produce source code for an application using Codewarrior. A computer must obey a precise set of instructions, which are represented by language in source code. There is no English writing in the source code. The language used to write it is programming. Because codewarrior employs an integrated development environment (ide), writing programs is made simple. With ide, you may utilize a single graphical user interface (GUI) for your source code editor (the window where you edit and view source code), file browser, compiler, and settings. For instance, when we first began programming, we had to input all of the program’s settings at the dos prompt while using a free C++ compiler. That took hours to complete. Programming is made quicker and simpler by the ide, which manages all of your project and file settings. The moment has come to embark on your journey into the realm of programming. Try the information on your computer as we walk you through how to use Codewarrior to build a project and show the code. The strange seems normal with practice. When you launch Codewarrior for the first time, a new project will be created and shown as in the figure. Nothing magical is happening, as you can see (well, maybe a little). Like Microsoft Word and Netscape Navigator, Codewarrior is just an application—it’s only that you can use it to develop additional programs. With Codewarrior open, do the following actions to start a new C++ project (notice that the names of menus, dialog boxes, and other choices may vary depending on your compiler): locate the whole C++ tutorial

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