Protection for the iPad in its entirety. Your actions are fully hidden from public view. Hidepad is the only solution of its kind that offers complete, government-grade encryption and is specifically designed for use on iPads. nsa-grade encryption of 128/256 bits is applied to any and all data that passes through or is stored on your iPad at any time. This degree of encryption is unbreakable, even for the most experienced and adept hackers. encrypted e-mail and internet access. Your information is safe to use. The encryption solution that hidepad provides ensures the complete safety of your e-mail, internet activity, passwords, and other sensitive data. Every e-mail you send, website you go to, and program you launch will be protected from having its contents seen by “prying eyes.” Additionally, if you are traveling to a nation that restricts access to certain websites or apps, Hidepad will allow you unrestricted use of such resources. Internet use that is anonymous. You are totally unseen by everyone. Hackers, employers, parents, and government organizations are just some of the entities that have been known to’spy’ on the websites that people visit or the activities that they engage in on their iPads. Hidepad was designed to conceal your actions, making it impossible for anyone—not even the internet service provider (ISP) that provides you with internet access—to know what you’re up to on the website. open up right here!

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