Blog that you follow, write the definition on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an example of a wiki website, often known as a “wiki,” which includes an encyclopedia. A wiki website is a web page that is hosted on the internet and may be authored and changed by anybody. It contains information relevant to humans. Wikipédia is an online encyclopedia that includes a collection of articles from many scientific disciplines. These articles are prepared in sufficient depth to ensure that they are promptly and readily comprehended by readers. Wikipedia is a collaborative effort that is continuously updated and has any information on the description that is relevant to the criteria for inclusion in Wikipedia. james wales and Larry Sanger, both of the United States, are credited with the creation of Wikipedia in 2001. The website’s mission is to serve as a repository of information for users, and it is supported financially by contributors from all around the globe. Due to the fact that Wikipedia is not intended to be used for commercial purposes, there is no room for an advertisement to have been included in the website. All of the individuals that contribute to Wikipedia in any way, shape, or form do it entirely voluntarily and are not compensated in any way; they make up a community of volunteers. Wikipedia users are referred to as wikipedians. There are regular users, anonymous users, verified users, editors, and so on within the Wikipedia community. Each user’s rank and function within the community is determined by the amount of contribution or engagement they have in the process of developing continuity within the Wikipedia project. According to quantcast records, Wikipedia receives more than 68 million unique visitors on a monthly basis, making it the eighth most popular website in the world in terms of the total number of users who access the website. Wikipedia is a popular destination for people who are looking for a reliable and impartial source of information. You may also be interested in these articles: 1. a blog about the definition of abrasion that you should follow. 2. a blog that you should follow that is on the definition of camouflage 3. Dofollow the blog, and provide a definition pertaining to opec

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