I had the feeling that I knew this musician when I listened to the title track “japonesque” by the Japanese artist Sienna, who now resides in Norway. At the very least, I’ve heard her hypnotic work before. However, I was unable to identify her, so I persisted in listening to music that did not fit neatly into any category or category box. There is little question that in the process of creating this masterpiece, Sienna also invented a whole new subgenre that did not previously exist. sienna2, having spent much of my childhood in close proximity to New Orleans, I could unmistakably detect the “jazzy influence,” despite the fact that it was not and is not jazz. As a musician who has played in bands throughout the course of his career, the author saw the shift in musical trends from southern rock and the british invasion to a more ambient and electronica sound, with masters such as andreas vollenveider from Switzerland. The music of Sienna is unmistakably influenced by electronica in style. And when I was still living in Los Angeles in the early 1990s and listening to “the wave” for “interesting music not aired on other stations,” after hearing Sienna’s “Fontebrarda di Sienna,” I could hear the deep, rich sound of “clannad,” which is one of my favorite celtic fusion bands. I’m sorry to say that I ended up playing her “White Tiger of the West” along with additional Andreas Vollenweider vibes. Finally, I came to the realization that I was not listening to any of these other favorite artists, but rather an inventive musician by the name of “sienna.” Although “sienna” is easily capable of competing with any julliard phd music candidate, she completed her master’s degree in cultural sciences at the university of bergen in 2004. My discovery of Sienna has brought me a great deal of happiness, and I really want that it might also be yours. You are going to be pleasantly surprised, and music fans are going to be delighted, regardless of the typical musical preferences of the listeners. Sienna has a little bit for everyone, and listening to her music tends to put people in a really pleasant mood. ————————————————————————————————————————- I refer to the musical style performed by sienna, who hails from Japan but now lives and works in Norway, as “siennaca.” Sienna is a highly popular musician who performs in this genre. It is undeniably a unique work produced by her. Clicking on the link to Sienna’s music website will take you to her personal website.

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