Dofollow blog, please provide a definition about the river here. The river is a huge stream of water that flows and expands continuously from the upstream (source) toward the downstream (mouth), and rivers are often formed by nature. river is generally accessible by the public. Rivers that serve as examples include the Amazon River in the United States, the Makakan River in Kalimantan, and the Ganges River in India. smaller rivers that were referenced at times, such as the brantas in karangkates, or river brantas as they are generally known. There is also the possibility of rivers drying up, such as the Mekong River, which is the biggest river in southeast Asia and runs from Tibet into Vietnam. If it is summer, the river will often be completely dry. river that is sometimes referred to as the subterranean subsurface river. a few examples are the underground river cave in Vietnam known as Dong Hang Soon, an underground river in Mexico’s Yucatan state, an underground river in the Philippines known as Pindul Cave, subterranean rivers in South Mountain Districts DIY, and many more. There are also rivers that are full of salty water and are termed saltwater rivers. Some examples of these rivers are the Salengrang River Maros in Sulawesi and the New Brunswick River in Canada. This river receives its water source, which is saltwater tide, as the water level drops during the day. rivers also include salt water and fresh water; one such river may be found to the south of Cape Town in South Africa. the allure of river water having a varied hue on the left and right sides due to the fact that the color of the salt water and fresh water in the river is different from one another is ubiquitous. A river contributes significantly to human existence by acting as a flood regulator, a source of irrigation for agricultural land, a source of income for fisherman, a mode of transportation, a location where one may get water, and many other functions. You may also be interested in these articles: 1. post on a blog that you follow and offer a definition about the prehistoric 2. post on a blog that you follow and provide a definition about the lake 3. Follow this link to a blog discussing the definition of economics

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