24 hours after the birth of the third straight successor to the throne, The Universal News reports that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge made the announcement that they are parents to their son on Tuesday night throughout the globe. After that, the new parents and their infant were permitted to go back to their maternity quarters at Kensington Palace in London. Prince William started his conversation with the press gathered outside the hotel by telling them, “it’s a gorgeous baby, it is pretty hefty, and it already has more hair than me.” Kate referred to the occasion as “full of emotions” in her discussion. The first night that Prince William and his wife spent as parents was spent in St. Mary’s Hospital in London. This is the same hospital in which Prince William was born. Earlier, the parents of Kate Middleton paid a visit to their daughter, their new grandchild, as well as to their son-in-law, Prince Charles, and his wife, Camilla. the father and mother kate, who were anticipated to discharge by a pack of reporters, said that the happy parents and infant were doing well and that they were extremely pleased. Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a son on Monday afternoon. The newborn weighed 3.8 pounds. Her husband, Prince William, was at her side. 103 cannon rounds were fired in the city of London in celebration of the newborn royal infant during the birth of the new successor to the throne, which was widely anticipated throughout the country of Great Britain. In addition, the bells of Westminster Abbey tolled in commemoration of the occasion. On Tuesday at noon, residents of Ottawa celebrated the birth of the prince of Cambridge by firing 21 guns on the north side of the hill. This was done in honor of the new arrival. On monday night, the lights of the Parliament building were changed to a blue hue to celebrate the new arrival. see the most recent web news for more stories. Monday, at 16:24 local time, the birth of the child, whose name will be made known to the general public in the next several days, took place. After Prince Charles and Prince William, the Royal Baby is Third in Line to the Throne. The Royal Baby is the Third in Line to the Throne. Despite this, the British Parliament ratified a revision in the rule of succession that grants the right to the throne to the first-born child of either the King or Queen of England, regardless of the gender of the child. The agreement was reached by the 16 Commonwealth nations, all of whom acknowledge the queen as their head of state. Today’s most important news stories are .

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