In this day and age, knowledge and the accurate analysis of that information is possibly the single most powerful instrument that is accessible to humans in order for them to have an advantage in whatever field they are working in. Whether it be politics, the media, or manufacturing, each and every industry need pertinent information on the opinion of the public so that one may have a better view of the ground rules that are now in play. In previous times, as well, the opinion of the public was gathered with the use of a questionnaire, which was the dominant source of data collection for a great number of years until the widespread usage of computers were invented. A standard questionnaire is nothing more than a document that includes a series of questions linked to a subject, to which the respondents are required to submit a response. This format is quite similar to that of an online survey. After the paper has been filled out, it is sent to the appropriate people, who subsequently convert the information into figures that provide a clear picture of the public’s view on the topic. However, the introduction of the internet and the widespread use of it led to the development of new methods of conducting surveys, such as the online survey and the online poll. These developments radically altered the landscape of how surveys are carried out. Since of this, the whole process of data gathering and the operation of integrating those data into figures became a lot quicker work because it could all be done online with the touch of a mouse. This meant that the entire process of collecting data also became much more accurate. When the internet was just a few years old and people began to recognize the potential of the internet as a tool that could speed up the collection and analysis of information at much faster rates, people began conducting these polls. Since that time, these polls have been in existence. The most crucial aspect of a survey that is carried out online is that the questionnaires do not have to be delivered to the respondents via the conventional means of sending mail; rather, they may be delivered to the recipients’ e-mail addresses, which significantly speeds up the process. When compared to the amount of time it used to take in the past, doing the whole survey can now be done in a much shorter period of time using this method. These days, election news and online polls are inextricably intertwined, and an online poll is one of the most common methods used by online news sites to present facts and numbers about the possibilities of various candidates throughout the election. People are able to take part in a variety of polls on the websites of the majority of online news stations, and all it takes to do so is a single click of their mouse button. These data are updated every second as and when individuals continue passing on their opinion in regards to a certain issue, and it becomes even more popular during elections. The fact that individuals from all over the globe are able to take part in these polls provided that they have access to the internet is the most exciting aspect of the entire situation. Therefore, an expatriate who is interested in keeping abreast of the possible developments in the elections that are taking place in his home country can do so by logging into one of the news websites and obtaining election news along with the opinions that the general public has regarding the various candidates. According to Jim Markstreet, the majority of individuals in today’s society express their views on current events via the use of online polls, online voting, and participation in online news.

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