Networks for the transport of content are complicated entities. Because there are so many distinct services, acronyms, and technical standards, many prospective customers are turned off by the technical language and the significantly diverse levels of coverage, performance, and support. Consequently, many businesses lose consumers as a result. Because of this, we at cdnfinder are pleased to announce the launch of our content delivery network (CDN) provider directory and comparison website. This will enable prospective customers to see exactly what makes a provider good and why, written in straightforward language that is simple and easy to comprehend. 02/05/2013, London, United Kingdom – Because there is such a vast selection of content delivery network providers from which to choose, it may be quite challenging for prospective clients to sort through the many advantages and cost structures offered by the finest and biggest providers, such as edgecast, level 3, and Amazon. Because of this, cdnfinder has developed an online content delivery network provider directory that is not only very informational but also very simple to navigate. In addition to our three-step technique for determining which content delivery network providers are ideal for your specific requirements, cdnfinder also gives a full list of cdn providers for you to examine at your own leisure. You may do this whenever it is most convenient for you. There are over 20 different suppliers listed, and you may examine a variety of information about each individual business. This contains their history, which includes the date they were started, their investors, revenue, and the number of workers, in addition to recent tweets, the sort of acceleration services supplied, a summary of their technical information, existing clients, and their distinctive selling factors. Because so many of the major providers in the world are included, it is simple to generate an overview from which you can compare the providers and the services they provide, in addition to their performance and their worldwide reach. This is an excellent method for determining who will be the most suitable service provider for your requirements. You may give cdnfinder with your list of data acceleration requirements, business goals, and long term plan for a more in-depth examination of your needs, and we can utilize this list of providers to develop a tailored shortlist of businesses that are best suited for you to work with. Whether you decide to go with a single content delivery provider solution or multiple businesses for your delivery requirements and online presence, it is important to compile a highly targeted list of potential providers that includes names like edgecast, windows azure, and chinacache. This will ensure that your data will be delivered without difficulty and within your financial constraints. Bart Pluskota, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of cdnfinder, has been involved in the content delivery network industry for a number of years. You may get in touch with him using any of the following methods: Please visit if you are interested in learning more about content delivery networks, cdn services, or the finest cdn.

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