The technique of using lead as a means of measuring both the heartbeat and the pulse has been embraced by the educational institutions in Japan as well as by Toyota. Taking advantage of the hemoglobin in blood’s ability to absorb green, etc. specific wavelengths of light, using the led to irradiate the finger to detect the pulse by using the reflected light, this method is configured to use the led light module and the light-receiving module such as the phototransistor in part of the finger touch, as shown below. In addition, this method takes advantage of the fact that specific wavelengths of light are absorbed differently by different colors of blood. In addition, nihon university, said the combination of “phase shift” technique developed by the university professors was in method of use of led pulse measurement. This method is widely used, and in june 2013, new japan radio began to sell the common pulse sensor that integrated the green led and the phototransistor in a package. The mechanism was not disclosed in full by the Japanese university; however, the professor in charge of the tail stock emphasized that “the use of phase shift method can significantly improve the signal to noise ratio, and it is possible to obtain very high precision pulse waveform,” which is necessary for converting the pulse to blood pressure. japanese universities and toyota produced their own goods because they were launched in the medical market and computed the blood pressure rate depending on the pulse of the patient. 2012 shown, other businesses all across the globe have an advising on the phase shift approach. displayed. The chip size is currently 1cm2 square, but “several mm square miniaturization has also been taking shape,” said professor Tail Stocks, who recently achieved success in integrating the core part of the phase shift method containing data processing onto a chip. He said that the chip size had previously been 1cm2. it is anticipated to accomplish that the smart phones is fitted with the flash led, using a smart phone to measure pulse and blood pressure method. then be able to be attached on the portable terminal. ” japan university wants to collaborate with partners to commercialize the chip in 2013. The LED light, which is the third generation of energy-saving lighting, associates with fields such as medical, art, agriculture, and many others to exhibit the distinctive design in order to provide us an incredible experience and make our lives more comfortable. In response to the new standard that the EU has introduced, the lead lighting company is working to increase its use of certified raw materials, such as led chips, led drivers, heat sinks, shells, etc., and to improve its research and development and production teams. This is done in an effort to produce high-quality led flood light, led tunnel light, led tube light, and other types of indoor and outdoor lighting. The highly integrated high-brightness cob serves as the light source for the led flood light and led tunnel light, As a factory that has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification, lead lighting is able to satisfy the stringent requirements of the ce, rohs, and fcc certificates. These stringent production standards ensure that our goods are successfully distributed in both local and foreign markets. You may discover more vivid and precise features of the led tube light by visiting, or you can click for more complete and professional information on led flood light and other led lighting.

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