Dofollow blog, , please provide a definition regarding the prehistoric period. The period or era known as prehistory is the time when people could still identify handwriting, also known as the bc era. antiquity, ever from the beginning of time and space itself, but the more frequent is when they begin to become available to human life on earth. The study of prehistory marks the start of both the history of science and of history itself. The point at which individuals of different races first became able to identify handwriting serves as a good indicator of when the prehistoric period came to an end. People are aware, for instance, that writing originated in Egypt some 4000 years before now. This indicates that the country has officially entered an age of Egyptian history that dates back 6000 years ago. The kutai kingdom, which is the earliest kingdom in indonesia, was established in the 5th century, which marks the beginning of recorded history in the country of Indonesia. The discovery of the heritage yupa-shaped inscription on the bank of the mahakam river kutai is proof that this is the case. Relics from the prehistoric period may be found in the fields of paleontology, astronomy, biology, geology, anthropology, and archeology. This is due to the fact that there was no writing during this time period. Human life has been around since ancient times and has divided twice: the first time, during the Pleistocene/Pleistocen period, around 10,000 years ago, people did not know where to search for food assistance and self-defense. The second period is known as the holocene or holocene, and it is at this time that people first started developing instruments for hunting and self-defense. they referred to as cavemen. meganthropus, meganthropus robustus, pithecanthropus, pithecanthropus mojokertensis, pithecanthropus erectus, pithecanthropus soloensis, and so on are all examples of different types of ancient humans. According to the results, the first signs of animal life appeared about 65 million years ago. They referred to this phenomenon as the ancient beast. dinosaurs, mammoths, smilodon or sabretooth, coelacanth, deinotheirum, longisquama insiqnis, ambulocetus, chalicotherim, macrauchenia, arthropluera armata, and other extinct animals are some examples. One of the oldest types of crops are plants that have survived in fern forests for anywhere between 65 and 27 million years and have continued to exist up to the present day. You may be interested in reading these articles: 1. dofollow blog write definition wikipedia dofollow blog write 2. a blog that you should follow that is on the definition of camouflage 3. post on a blog that you follow and write a definition regarding opec

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