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The most recent news!!! In order to find employment as housemaids in Dubai, a great number of women from all over the globe go there. They get work in Dubai via maids agencies and other channels as well. On the other hand, there are also disturbing reports of housemaids who have turned to criminal activity. For instance, a 22-year-old Indonesian housemaid was sentenced to three years in jail for allegedly trying to sell her daughter, who was only six months old at the time and had been born as a result of an illicit relationship. The asking price was 6,000 dirhams. The criminal court in Dubai issued an order for the maid’s deportation after she had served out her sentence for the offense for which she had been arrested. The prosecution in Dubai held the maid responsible for the crime of human trafficking. A tip was sent to the police in Dubai about an Indonesian mother who was interested in selling her kid, who was only six months old, for a sum of 6,000 aed. The authorities subsequently made the decision to capture the maid in the act. As a result, one of the female officers pretended to be an infertile lady, while another officer played the role of the woman’s husband. He placed a call to the maid and relayed the news that his wife was unable to have children and that they were making every effort to purchase a kid from her. In addition to this, he attempted to negotiate a lower price by claiming that they were destitute. The maid consented to selling her kid and did so in the hotel parking lot after reaching an agreement with the buyer. The police have said that the housemaid arrived with her infant in the month of February, and after collecting the money and handing the baby over to the policewoman, the housemaid was instantly detained by the police in Dubai. After she was taken into custody, she confessed that she had run away from her previous employer and was now doing hourly jobs for various families. After that, she traveled to see her close friend raya, who lives and works in Dubai. The indonesian maid fell in love with a pakistani man called Tahir, who offered to take care of all of her financial obligations in exchange for her moving in with him. After after, she discovered that she was carrying his kid, and when she told him, he advised her to have the pregnancy terminated. He informed her that he would leave the United Arab Emirates and travel to oman if she continued to deny him. After then, he disappeared after turning off his mobile phone. After that, she met a lady whose name was Fatima, who sent her in the direction of an Indonesian woman named Lina, who assisted her in giving birth to her child. The maid said that in order to leave the United Arab Emirates, she needed money, so she decided to sell her kid and requested her friend, Tiya, to find a buyer for her. She was contacted by someone identifying themselves as Abdullah, who provided the phone number of a potential purchaser who turned out to be a law enforcement officer. She said in her testimony that she was taken into custody shortly after selling her kid to the officer. The kid was handed over to a child care facility in Dubai while Tahir was also taken into custody. The accused maid named Tahir as the father of her daughter. In order to prevent issues of this kind, the maids agency in Dubai have to do extensive background checks on potential employees. And on the other side, ladies who are interested in working as housemaids should only look for employment opportunities via reliable maid agencies in Dubai.

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