Mens kommuner som billund, brøndby og esbjerg er rigtig gode til at få det maksimale ud af de skattekroner, der bliver postet i folkeskolen, så går det knap så canada goose jakke godt i kommuner som faxe, frederikssund, halsnæs og roskilde. det viser en ny rapport fra produktivitetskommissionen og det nationale institut for kommuners og regioners analyse og forskning (kora), skriver politiken. »tallene viser, at nogle kommuner kan producere mere service per skattekrone end andre. det er der ikke noget overraskende i. der også store produktivitetsforskelle mellem private virksomheder. men tallene tyder på, at der er et betydeligt potentiale for, at nogle kommuner kan blive mere effektive,« siger formanden for kommissionen, peter birch sørensen, der også er tidligere økonomisk overvismand. forskerne har ifølge politiken set på, hvor mange penge kommunerne brugte på folkeskolen fra 2009 til 2011, og derefter har de holdt det op imod 10 forhold, herunder hvor mange timer eleverne får, hvor mange børn der er i klasserne, hvor meget sygdom der er hos lærerne – og hvor gode karakterer eleverne får ved 9. klasses afgangsprøve i dansk og matematik. det giver hver kommune en score, der viser kommunens potentiale til at spare uden at forringe folkeskolen. i rapporten tages højde for, at nogle kommuner har mange elever fra ressourcesvage hjem.en kommune som roskilde, der scorer 0,75 i undersøgelsen, burde ifølge den canada goose banff model, forskerne bruger til at vurdere med, kunne skære 25 procent af deres udgifter og »levere samme service«, siger forsker kurt houlberg fra kora, der har været med til at lave undersøgelsen, til politiken. det kan for eksempel ske ved at målrette undervisningen på en måde, så man får mere ud af lærernes ressourcer.planen med rapporten er, at de kommuner, der har en lav score, kan bede produktivitetskommissionen om at få lavet en endnu mere dybdegående analyse af, hvordan de bruger deres folkeskoleressourcer, og derved få mere for deres penge.


Wednesday marked the release of surveillance video and photographs of Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Alexis was quoted as saying that he believed electromagnetic waves had been controlling him for several weeks prior to the rampage, which resulted in the deaths of twelve people. offer the latest fashions in the greatest replica Celine handbags for the shoulder Celine shoulder bag crafted from genuine leather sent free! According to valerie parlave, the assistant leader in charge of the FBI’s washington field office, there are no indications that alexis, age 34, was targeting anybody in the shooting that took place on september 16 at the navy yard in southeast washington. “we have discovered related communications on his electronic media, which referenced the delusional belief that he was being managed or affected by extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves over the past three months,” parlave said to a news agency. “These communications referenced the delusional belief that he was being managed or affected by extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves over the past three months.” Alexis drove a rented blue toyota prius into a navy yard parking garage immediately just before 8 a.m. carrying a back pack, and then he entered the naval sea systems command building, the location of the shootings, through a doorway. The monitoring video was released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The brief video also shows Alexis descending a staircase while wearing black attire and carrying a remington shotgun. While doing so, she walks around hallways while crouching and keeping her weapon ready. At the end of one of the hallways, there are sometimes glimpses of persons. Alexis may be seen peering around corners, and in one scene she aims the shotgun into a room; nevertheless, she does not fire it. According to parlave, Alexis, a government technology contractor, had the shotgun at his home. The barrel and stock of the shotgun had been sawed off, and Alexis also had a pistol that he had acquired as a result of the incident. images supplied by the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicated that the shotgun had the words “end to the suffering,” “not whatever you all claim,” and “better off in this manner” scratched into it, along with the phrase “my elven weapon.” Many people believe that “elf” refers to an exceedingly low frequency. In addition, the photographs showed Alexis’s backpack dangling from the door of a bathroom stall that he had entered before to beginning his rampage. According to a fbi timetable, he shot his first victim at 8:16 in the morning, and the police received the first emergency call a second later via the 4th floor of the building where the incident took place. According to parlave, alexis was killed by police on the third floor shortly after exchanging fire with them for one hour. Alexis acted on his own and carried out his plan. The shooting spree raised questions about how precisely Alexis was able to acquire safety clearance to enter on the base, despite having a history of misusing guns in the past. Alexis had visited two hospitals affiliated with the Veterans Administration in an attempt to get help for her inability to sleep. In addition, he reported to the authorities in Rhode Island that he had heard voices and felt vibrations coming through the walls of the hotel room. At the Pentagon, the Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter presented information on studies that were aimed to identify and repair any safety holes that were revealed by the incident. His agenda called for him to prepare a report that would be distributed throughout the Defense Department in December. It was disclosed on Monday by the navy that Alexis’ 2007 background check still did not include a shooting that occurred in 2004, and Carter acknowledged his dismay at this revelation. Alexis had used a pistol to blow up car tires in the Seattle area three years before he joined the military and asked for a ten-year secret security clearance. This occurred immediately before he had joined the navy. “what most certainly attracted my attention along with the secretary’s eye is precisely that kind of thing: indication that there was behavior much previous to the washington navy yard incident,” carter remarked. According to a statement made by Hewlett-Packard Company, the company has terminated its agreement with the professionals, the subcontractor that was responsible for hiring Alexis at the naval yard. According to a spokeswoman for Hewlett Packard, the decision was made based on what the company now realizes about the behavior of the experts, including “its inability to respond correctly to aaron alexis’ mental health difficulties.” This was noted in the statement. Hewlett-Packard did not provide any further details. A request for remark was made, but the professionals did not immediately respond to it.


The majority of today’s visitors who are seeking for hotels in the Philippines will almost certainly resort to the internet for guidance on where to stay and will also book their accommodations online. But in a world where more and more people rely on their mobile phones rather than desktop computers or laptops to remain connected and do jobs like these, how can hotels stay competitive? Hotels have begun to address this shift in the industry by launching mobile-friendly versions of their websites, which is one of the ways they are adapting to it. Prior to the rise in popularity of smartphones, the majority of hotel websites were designed to be seen on the bigger displays of a desktop computer or a laptop computer. Because the design of many of these older homepages are not optimized to be seen correctly on the smaller screen of a mobile device, site visitors may have difficulty readily comprehending the content that is provided on the site. Because of this, they are less likely to make online reservations with the hotel. If the website is responsive to mobile devices, the user experience for visitors making reservations will be the same regardless of whether they use a desktop computer or a mobile device. This is accomplished by designing a website layout that is responsive to the screen dimensions of the device. Other features on a site, such as online booking, have also been modified for use with mobile browsers. However, some hotels, particularly well-known brands, have taken things a step further and developed their very own apps just for the convenience of repeat guests. These applications, similar to those provided by online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Agoda and Expedia, let returning visitors to access information about the hotel and book rooms online in a simple manner. Notwithstanding this, they provide a plethora of additional specialized benefits. One hotel that fits this description is the Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Philippines, which only recently released an app for Apple’s iOS operating system. The software was developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPad, and it has various capabilities, including the display of information on the amenities, facilities, and services provided by each microtel, which can be seen even when the device is not connected to the internet. In addition, the locations of all Microtel branches around the Philippines may be seen via a built-in option for Google Maps. There is also a link to the page where first-time visitors may join up for the Wyndham Rewards program, which can be seen on the website. It is ideal for vacationers who want to remain in the Philippines for a lengthy period of time and who desire to have a wonderful experience regardless of where they choose to stay. particularly considering that visitors can check microtel prices and book online with this app, sparing them the headache of having to hunt for the branch’s own website or dealing with an OTA. With the release of this ground-breaking software, it is clear that the race to dominate the mobile space in the hotel industry in the Philippines has officially begun. Despite this, it’s clear that the only person who comes out on top in this scenario is the customer, who benefits from easier access to information and more streamlined booking procedures.


Brazil not only has the physical base and the sort of land necessary to produce huge amounts of food, but it also possesses the entrepreneurial spirit, since it is home to more than 6 million agricultural businesses. Over the course of the last ten years, Brazil has emerged as a leading provider of a wide variety of agricultural goods, including sugar cane, cattle, and soy beans. Sugarcane is grown on about 24 million hectares of land in Brazil, making the country the greatest producer of sugarcane in the world. Brazil produces 720 million tons of sugarcane every year, which accounts for almost half of the world’s total output of 1.7 billion tonnes of sugar. It is noteworthy to note that if all of Brazil’s sugarcane were to be processed into fuel ethanol, the country’s yearly supply would be sufficient to fill 64 million automobiles. a portion of this post may be found at .


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