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At the Quantum global campus in Roorkee, a one-day workshop was held on the topic of “ethical hacking.” This workshop was started by the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology in collaboration with a leading training company based in Delhi. The company’s sole mission is to establish a dedicated research and development cell and bring the findings to the benefit of aspiring engineers. The workshop was organized by the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. It also works for instances involving cyber security for corporations and governments. Mr. Prashant, a researcher for the organization, led the session with the intention of educating the students on topics such as cyber security, cyber forensics, cyber regulations, android technology, and more. He reviewed and forecast the most recent technology that are absolutely necessary while providing real-life examples. According to him, technology has evolved to the point where it is now an absolute necessity. This is because it enables us to connect with people all over the world in an instant through its many different sources, such as Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, the Google search engine, Skype, and other software programs. Since of the fast advancement of technology, the most of us are now proficient in using computers; but, because we are so preoccupied with using computers nowadays, we don’t even bother to worry about our privacy and security. In one of the examples, he described how he had just resolved a problem with a citizen of Lucknow. Once upon a time, the daughter of a judge was an enthusiastic member of Facebook; however, once her account was stolen and subsequently used for inappropriate conduct, she stopped using the social networking site. This case was brought to the attention of the DSP of the Lucknow Police Department, and after going through the nuts and bolts of this case using our ethical hacking, they asked our team to catch the suspects. We were successful in putting those responsible for the crime behind jail. Throughout the whole of the session, the students from the CS & IT branch maintained an alert and enthusiastic demeanor, and they posed a great deal of thought-provoking questions about the topic at hand. Additionally, he guaranteed that ethical hacking is still considered a felony, unless it is carried out for the sake of authenticity and security. According to the cyber laws, authorized organizations like as the RAW, CBI, and FBI, among others, are the only ones who are allowed to engage in lawful hacking for the purpose of ensuring the cyber security of a country. Students were encouraged to pursue careers in the rapidly developing and expanding area of cyber security, which is a part of the information technology industry. He did this from the perspective of a career choice. “the department is doing a lot for the students to bridge the gap between academics and industries,” stated mr. satender kumar, the coordinator of the department. Professor S.C. Handa, Director General of the SC Handa Institute of Quantum Technology, was the Guest of Honor at the event. In the future, roorkee will continue to arrange events of this sort for all of the programs. This is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the many different newest technologies available on the market as well as the employment prospects available in those fields. At the conclusion, he expressed his gratitude for everyone’s efforts, but particularly the mentors and the trainers.


You will obtain it at a price that will surprise you at the sale on beautiful Celine tiny bags. Concerns have been raised by women’s rights organizations in Sierra Leone over the manner in which the media is portraying a college student of 24 years of age who has accused the deputy education minister of rape. As soon as the rape allegations were brought against the minister in question, Mamoud Tarawalie, his position as minister was terminated at the beginning of this month. The organizations are afraid that the broadcast of this occurrence in the media would dissuade other people who claim to have been victims from coming forward in the future. ahmed sahid nasralla is the managing leader for african young voices, a regional radio station and newspaper in freetown that has covered the rape incident. african young voices has also reported on the event. nasralla has been criticized for what some see as an inappropriate move, but he stands by his decision to publish photographs of the claimed victim. “one of the images showed her with a cut on her lip, and we chose to show the public that image. “and so we deformed her eyes so that you may not be able to recognize her, but we tried to portray spots where she was injured simply so the public would know,” nasralla said. The leader argues that he took all necessary procedures to protect her identify in order to avoid any problems. The claimed victim’s identity was published and aired by various other regional media sources, and a photograph of the woman was made public at the same time. Some people have accused her of telling lies. A group that calls itself attorneys and describes themselves as “lawful access via ladies desiring for equal rights together with social justice” has raised a stink over the situation. According to the community, anybody who releases or makes public information about a rape victim violates section forty one of the sexual offenses act of 2012, which makes it an infraction for anyone to do so. According to the chief of the attorneys, Simitie lavaly, the operations of the media in this case will turn the gains for rape victims that have already been established completely around. “it will stop any other female who has experienced this in quiet and possibly not having the exact same notoriety as it is not a minister or anyone in public position,” she said. “it will stop any other female who has experienced this in silence.” They will be dissuaded from coming forward as a result, and we believe that to be inaccurate,” said lavaly. In order to encourage victims of sexual assault to come forward, one of the primary motivations for the passage of the Sexual Offenses Act a year ago was to improve the level of protection offered to victims. In most cases, victims of rape do not come forward to report the crime because they are terrified of the repercussions that may be brought upon them by the offenders or the public humiliation that may be brought upon them. The issue is still widely considered to be taboo, and the vast majority of the time, victims do not come forward for fear of being held responsible for what happened to them. Sometimes the people closest to them in their lives do not trust them. In addition, the legislation increased the severity of punishments in order to serve as a deterrence. Before the legislation was passed, the maximum sentence for rape was two years in prison, and most of the time, the perpetrators of the crime would settle out of court. At the moment, those found guilty of rape face the possibility of receiving a prison term of around fifteen years, and settlements outside of the trial are not permissible. lavaly said that both the claimed victim and the accused perpetrator had legal rights to security and privacy respectively. “we genuinely want protection for victims, and we also want the person who is accused to be able to exercise his constitutional right to be presumed innocent until he or she is proved guilty,” remarked lavaly. attorneys have submitted a valid complaint to the Independent Media Commission of Sierra Leone, which is also known as simply as the imc. Augustine Garmoh, a commissioner with the IMC, has said that the grievance is being handled with in a very serious manner, and editors from media sites that recognized the claimed suffering are being asked to discuss with the commission. “the press should not recognize sufferers of sexual attack or release any material very likely to contribute to such identity unless there is sufficient reason and by law they are liberated to do this,” stated garmoh. “the press should not recognize sufferers of sexual attack or release any material very likely to contribute to such identity.” According to him, the consent of the person who was raped does not matter under the legislation, and editors who are found to be in violation of the law might be subject to sanctions such as fines and the need to give an appropriate apology to the person who was raped. As for the former deputy minister who is being accused in this matter, the relevant authorities in the government have stated that he was relieved of his responsibilities because the allegations are so serious that he is unable to carry out his responsibilities while the investigation is still ongoing.

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