When it comes to making a choice regarding the use of pesticides in seed treatment, European agricultural officials are up against a formidable obstacle. This insecticide could have a negative effect on bee populations, which is a risk that users should be aware of. Similarly, the amount of grain produced may dramatically decrease if pesticides were not used. It is inexplicable that those in charge of making decisions do not have access to accurate information given the level of research and development capacity in Europe. Whatever choice we choose, we have to ensure that it’s the one that’s best for the situation. syngenta presents a strong case suggesting that both goals may be accomplished simultaneously. The influence on agricultural employment, money, and food provided by agriculture in Europe undoubtedly has far-reaching ramifications for society as a whole. It has been extracted from here:


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The grounds have been established in Kabul for any high-level discussions that are intended to heal increasingly icy ties between the two countries. Afghan President Hamid Karzai responded on Monday with a tepid reaction to Pakistan’s offer to visit Islamabad. On Sunday, pakistan sent its top diplomat to afghanistan in the hopes of providing more support to afghanistan in its negotiations with taliban militants to bring an end to the country’s 12-year civil conflict. sartaj aziz, an advisor on foreign affairs, met with hamid karzai and conducted discussions with afghan foreign minister zalmai rassoul. he also presented karzai with an invitation from the new pakistani prime minister, nawaz sharif, which sharif had previously offered twice over the phone. According to a statement sent by the president’s office on monday, Karzai has “in principle” accepted the offer. However, he said that before a high-ranking team could visit Pakistan, the topic would need to be established, early preparations would need to be undertaken, and a “serious and successful battle against terrorism and the peace process would be at the top of the agenda.” The West believes that having help from Pakistan is very necessary in order to establish a stable peace in Afghanistan. However, ties between the neighboring nations are strained due to mutual mistrust and allegations about the Taliban and other forms of Islamist extremism, which affects both countries. At a time when ties between Kabul and Islamabad have been deteriorating, Aziz is the most senior member of Pakistan’s new administration to visit afghanistan. After the unfortunate launch of a liaison office for the rebels in qatar, international attempts to initiate discussions with the taliban are in a state of chaos and are now ineffective. In a fit of rage, President Karzai denounced it as an unofficial embassy for the taliban administration that is operating in exile. Karzai’s chief of staff, karim khorram, said a week ago that the taliban office was part of a plan to split apart Afghanistan that was either sponsored by pakistan or the united states. Aziz said that “we have some links” with the taliban, but he refuted the widespread belief that pakistan exerts influence over the taliban in Afghanistan. He said merely that “we have some contacts” with the militia. Both the expected withdrawal of about 100,000 foreign troops headed by the United States the next year and the upcoming presidential elections in Afghanistan in April have injected a fresh sense of urgency into the search for peace in Afghanistan. click here to read more on


En kristen skole i arkansas har en advarsel for vordende angribere: vζre parat til at mψde din skaber, hvis du forsψger at skade deres elever. “staff er bevζbnet og trζnet,” lyder et tegn bogfψrt udenfor arkansas christian academy i bryant, ark “ethvert forsψg pε at skade vores bψrn vil blive mψdt med canada goose jakke dψdbringende kraft.” skole administrator perry black fortalte fox news “formεlet af tegnet er at forhindre os fra nogensinde at skulle bruge nogen form for magt.” “vi har en moralsk forpligtelse til at beskytte disse bψrn i vores varetζgt, og vi er dedikeret til at gψre det med de midler der er nψdvendige,” sagde han. “jeg vil hellere vζre i nyhederne for at have et skilt end at have en tragedie.” black sagde akademiet begyndte krζfter oppe deres sikkerhed efter newtown, conn massakren. som fψlge heraf har et ukendt antal medarbejdere blevet uddannet til at forsvare skole i tilfζlde af en hζndelse. en lokal skiltemagere udformet advarselstegn bogfψrt pε skolens ejendom. “hvis man kan lζse, kan du lykkes,” black sagt. “uanset hvad du vζlger at gψre, skal du ikke vζlge at gψre det her.” forζldrene har rost skolens sikkerhedsforanstaltninger. “vi har helt sikkert brug for mere lide det og flere sind sζt som de har,” siger forζlder sharon brownlee. “dette er, hvad holder vores bψrn sikkert -. ikke pistol frizoner” “det er meget trist at se vores offentlige skoler ikke er i stand til at forsvare sig selv, og vi har stadig en femten εr gammel i en offentlig skole,” tilfψjede hun. »sε jeg har set det fra begge sider – og jeg vζlger kanoner.” black sagde sekunder tζller i en tragedie. “hvis vi kan bremse nogen, hζmme nogen lζnge nok til at fε de relevante myndigheder her, vi ejer dette ansvar,” sagde han. han sagde ogsε, den kristne skole har et moralsk ansvar for at beskytte lζrere og elever. “vi som ministre er hyrder guds fεr,” sagde prζsten. “david er et godt eksempel. han tog en lψve. han tog en bjψrn og i sidste ende mεtte tage ud af en kζmpe. ” “vi ville foretrζkke at begrζnse vores aktiviteter til canada goose kensington bare kζrligt omsorg for mennesker i vores varetζgt, men lejlighedsvis er der de rovdyr udenfor, der gerne vil skade den lille fεr i vores varetζgt,” sagde han. “som hyrder, er det vores ansvar at give den beskyttelse, indtil vi kan fε de retshεndhζvende her for at tage sig af sager.”

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