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Umm abdallah sat quietly praying over the remains of her husband, who had been slain in a brutal police assault on followers of the overthrown islamist president mohamed morsi, until she collapsed into shattered tears canada goose trillium. A few kilometers away from the rabaa al-adawiya demonstration site, where more than 200 people lost their lives, the body of a man named “mohsen radi” was found wrapped in a white shroud and laid out on the ground of the makeshift morgue at the iman mosque. His name was written in thick black marker on the shroud. Dark spots of blood had leaked through the white cloth of the shroud, which covered his corpse as it lay squished between more than a dozen other bodies. Umm Abdallah sobbed quietly as she explained her plight while wearing a full-face veil, “my husband was 48 years old, he passed away, and I now have five children to care after.” Her daughter attempted to provide words of consolation while gently rubbing her mother’s shoulder. “We are not going to allow his death to go in vain. We are going to go on working in the same manner as before. In the event that one of us passes away, another will be born to take his place “— I quote her. While one individual doused the remains with disinfectant, koranic texts and prayers were broadcast over the loudspeakers located within the mosque. Another guy put huge chunks of ice on top of the corpses as another lady in a veil waved sticks of incense over the bodies in an attempt to mask the offensive odor. a 32-year-old man named Khaled Abdel Nour gestures to one of the bodies. “This individual is the brother of my wife. 22 years old when he passed away, he was attempting to stop the remains from being burned by the security forces but was unable.” I am pleased to be here amongst these guys, who will go directly to heaven. their blood will be a curse on sisi and his men,” he remarked of army head abdel fattah al-sisi, who organized morsi’s downfall on july 3. morsi was removed from office on july 3. More than five weeks had passed since supporters of Mohamed Morsi took to the streets to protest the military’s removal of Egypt’s first democratically elected president. Dozens of people who were related to the deceased gathered outside the mosque and began chanting, “there is no god but god,” as each corpse was carried out of the mosque in a wooden casket and prepared for burial. The police operation, which started early on Wednesday morning, ended up leaving a path of carnage and ruin in its wake. Aerial images revealed that the broad streets around the Rabaa al-Adawiya Mosque had been transformed into raging rivers of flame. By Thursday afternoon, cleanup crews were hard at work removing trash from the location of the protest camp, and army forces had established checkpoints across the neighborhood. after the conflicts, objects such as scorched shoes, tins of food, and other goods were left behind. charred trees loomed eerily over the shards of metal that were scattered among the other items. Four bulldozers were used to clear debris from the area, which was just a few meters away from the mosque. Only two days before, the smoldering walls of the mosque had offered sanctuary to key officials of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that Mohamed Morsi had risen from. Residents in the region have said that the tensions and immobility generated by the demonstration have made it impossible for them to live their lives normally. the scattering of the “It was inevitable. since there was no other option, “remarked 23-year-old Omar Hamdi. According to what he told the afp, “the people here couldn’t exist, and what occurred was inevitable.” However, Ali Abdul Haq, who is 57 years old, believes that the procedures that were utilized were a mistake. “It really was too bad. They ought to have made use of their intelligence, “said Abdul Haq to his wife as they navigated their way around the shattered glass while holding hands. “The people decided on a candidate for president and then voted for him. How is it possible that throwing away their votes could be so easy? “he inquired. Several meters away, people walking by took photographs of overturned cars and security vehicles with their cell phones, while inhabitants of the area’s residential buildings observed from the balconies of their apartments. Samira Zarei, who is 73 years old, was quoted as saying that she was afraid after attending the protest camp. “I was petrified that they might break into people’s homes. We heard gunfire, and I was unable to leave the building. I’ve simply been chilling at home with my sister-in-law “Afp was informed by her. She referred to the demonstrators from the Muslim Brotherhood as “traitors” and expressed her happiness that the protests had come to an end. However, she said that the whole event gave a pessimistic outlook for the future of the nation. She remarked, “never in my life did I ever expect that one Egyptian would murder another Egyptian so effortlessly.”

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