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Tummy tuck surgery is the most effective method of treating extra skin in the abdominal region in the great majority of patients. This technique may address a variety of issues, including loose skin, weaker muscles, accumulated fat, and stretch marks. It is essential that each patient go through a detailed issue assessment in order to get proper treatment. Because the anatomic abnormality of each individual patient is somewhat unique, it is important that the treatment plan take this into account. Although there are some people who might benefit from laser skin tightening, the vast majority of patients will need abdominoplasty in order to have their issues resolved. What will happen to you if you have been carrying around a 20-kilogram burden around your stomach for the last several decades? and keep in mind that this will go on indefinitely, day after day, for the rest of your life. Even the people who carry luggage around at train terminals do their jobs in shifts and rest after each intense round of labor. This is the account of an Iraqi woman who was suffering due to a significant quantity of fat that had collected in the area of her belly. She was in her middle years and had lived her whole life in Iraq. She was suffering from significant back pain and had a hard time getting about because of it. She had problems with her hygiene, which made even the simplest things like getting dressed a challenge for her. She went to artemis hospital in gurgaon and had a successful body contouring procedure, during which around 20 kg of excess fat and skin hanging off of her were removed. Because the patient had such a massive stomach, it was hard to determine whether or not they had any intra abdominal anomalies like a hernia or any other kind of abnormality. A hernia was found in the cesarean scar after a ct scan was performed on the patient. The woman has made a full recovery, and all of her wounds have closed up well; as a result, she is overjoyed. She owes Artemis a debt of gratitude for giving her a second chance at life, and she feels a great deal more certain about who she is as a result. Her spouse is grateful as well for the substantially enhanced quality of life that they now enjoy together. The patient had developed diabetes and was experiencing high blood sugar levels; however, her blood sugar levels have now returned to normal, and she no longer has to take insulin because of this. The team consisted of five surgeons in total: three plastic surgeons (doctor. vipul nanda, dr. manik sharma, and dr. raja tiwari), two general surgeons (dr. mayank madan, and dr. shambhu), and an anesthesiologist. The anesthetists also found it to be a challenging situation. She will have to wear an abdominal binder (also known as a corset) for the next three to four months. Body contouring surgery is a great alternative for those who have extra fat deposits that are resistant to exercise and diet, since these methods have not been successful in reducing their fat deposits. As a result, it is complementary to bariatric surgery, which is a therapy for obesity that is gaining in popularity. As plastic surgeons, one of our primary responsibilities is to sculpt the patient’s whole body, from the head to the toes. It is a source of great pride for India, with its highly trained medical professionals and facilities such as the artemis hospital in Gurgaon, that people travel from far and wide to have treatment there and then go back to their homes feeling better for it. written by Dr. Vipul Nanda, who is the Head of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery at Artemis Hospital. The aforementioned post is about belly tucks, also known as abdominoplasties; it is a highly interesting and helpful article for all patients who are enduring the pain of tummy tucks. Artemis Hospital is the greatest hospital in India for all different kinds of surgical procedures, including bariatric surgery. is where you can learn more about Artemis.

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