Feng shui is a discipline that may be recognizable to you, as is some of the symbolism that is linked with the eight different trigrams. Each “trigram” is connected to a particular area of the body, a color, an element, a member of the family, and a certain orientation. Every one of these trigrams is represented by a set of three lines. The literal meaning of the term “trigram” is “three lines.” In order to portray the one-of-a-kind trigram and direction, the lines may either be broken or solid and in a certain sequence. For example, the qian trigram consists of three solid lines that are piled on top of each other and is connected to the region of the northwest (the post-heaven sequence) as well as the role of the father in the traditional Chinese family structure. The three broken lines that make up the kun trigram represent both the post-heaven sequence in the direction of the southwest as well as the figure of a mother. I don’t even know where to begin with “post-heaven sequence.” Some of you who are reading this are already familiar with what this signifies; but, for the benefit of others who are not, let’s just explain that there are two different versions of the trigrams based on the directions that are related with them. There is something that is referred to as the “pre-heaven sequence,” and it is used for various forms of understanding in a feng shui study. Additionally, it is the arrangement of the eight trigrams that is considered to be the “most mysterious,” when a person examines these ideas. These identical three-lined symbols are paired together to make what are called “hexagrams.” And it is the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching that are indicative of deep and mystical wisdom that believers seek when they turn to the I Ching for inspiration. This is because the I Ching was written in the Shang Dynasty. We may say that the i-ching, which is also called yi jing, is an ancient oracle or book of divination that is intimately tied to the basics of feng shui. Other spellings of the book include yi jing. Even the compass used in Chinese Feng Shui has a ring on it that may be used to identify each of the 64 hexagrams. When I was first trying to decide if feng shui was really my destined professional calling, I threw the coins to do the simple calculations on the energy that was assigned to the timing of my question. When I threw the coins, the energy that was assigned to the timing of my question was exactly what I had been looking for. the response that came to me after consulting the I Ching? I was given hexagram number 55, which translates to “feng.” This hexagram represents the coupling of two trigrams: fire below and thunder above (the zhen trigram) (li trigram). It was a deeper level of irony. It’s possible that this is the same thing as randomly opening a book to a chapter title that reads “you are already doing what you are supposed to do” while you’re trying to figure out what you should be doing with your life. You could think that the trigrams and the I Ching have no relevance to the present world, but when I first started learning about Chinese metaphysics, a friend gave me a book that discussed the trigrams and how they relate to dna. We do not know who or how many persons were responsible for the discovery of these mathematical connections in the beginning, but it is certain that this discovery occurred over extended periods of time and after careful study of the cycles that occur in nature. The current uses and interpretations of the trigrams are leading to the development of further trigram-related ideas. The eight trigram theory is very useful and accurate, and it may be used in a variety of contexts to facilitate positive change for individuals. As an example, the zhen trigram is connected to the position of the oldest son and the direction of the east. If the floor plan of a home is lacking the east section, it may be more challenging for a couple to have a son if they are trying to conceive while living in that home. If a family moves into a home that is lacking the east sector, it is possible that the oldest son in the family may have some difficulties or that his health will be affected in some way. If there is anything wrong with the east part of a home or if it is in poor maintenance, such a crack in the foundation, this might also be harmful to the oldest son in the family. The more you study the trigrams, the more you will realize that they are a reflection of our lives and how we live them. Kartar Diamond is a professional in feng shui who has been practicing since 1992. He received his training in the traditional method. kartar diamond is a professional feng shui consultant and educator. She has worked professionally with thousands of customers and has instructed tens of thousands of pupils in the art of feng shui. This is her full-time career. Kartar Diamond is the author of a number of books, ebooks, and other types of educational software. Visit www.fengshuisolutions.net to learn more about Kartar’s worldwide consulting services and teaching methodologies.


The word “grand duke” refers to an unfavorable kind of energy that travels in specific directions, and it has the potential to render a given region of a structure or property more prone to accidents. “tai sui” is the Chinese word for this kind of energy, which translates to “volatile energy.” It reminds me of the phrase “tie sway.” There is a proverb that says you should never turn your back on the grand duke because, much like an adversary, he has the potential to strike you over the head if you do so. This particular compass heading is connected to the Chinese zodiac sign that governs each year. Additionally, each sign of the Chinese zodiac corresponds to a certain compass direction. In Chinese astrology, for instance, the year 2011 is considered to be the year of the rabbit. The direction of the rabbit, or mao, is due east at a right angle of 90 degrees. Because the tai sui direction in any given year is not a secure region for excavating or renovating, the application for this theory becomes highly practical in a feng shui study. If I had a customer whose house had a kitchen in the east part of the house and they wanted to renovate it in 2011, the first thing I would do is inquire about the possibility of delaying the project. In the event that this is not possible, there is the possibility of their being countermeasures for offsetting the accident-prone character of this location. Confrontation is something that should be avoided at all costs, if at all feasible. It was the year of the dragon in 2012, and the direction associated with the dragon, or chen, is east-southeast. It is just a 15-degree sector, which is a portion of the whole southeast direction. The year 2013 was the year of the snake, which represents the last part of the southeast and is most closely related to the south. The tai sui direction shifts by 30 degrees every year, so that it always corresponds to the direction of the Chinese zodiac animal that is now in vogue. There are 12 different Chinese zodiac signs, and each year they shift position by 30 degrees around the circumference of a compass. This indicates that the energies will repeat themselves either once every 12 years or once every 360 degrees. Therefore, the year 2023 will also be known as the Year of the Rabbit. If someone wanted to dig in the tai sui direction for the year (like uprooting or planting a tree), it could cause accidents or other problems for the occupants living in the home that is in that particular directional alignment to the proposed digging. For example, if someone wanted to plant a tree in the tai sui direction for the year, it could cause problems. If you can see a compass with all 360 degrees spread out across a floor plan, then you can picture where the reference point is located: it is in the middle of the home. Formulas such as these may only be used in a feng shui evaluation if a to-scale floor plan and/or plot plan is available for us to work with. In addition to this, we need to get a precise reading from the compass in order to establish the most essential reference point. Everything hinges on where your home’s focal point is located. Your north is your neighbor’s south, and vice versa. Feng shui masters and Chinese astrologers will offer advice about the tai sui direction for the year each and every year. Sometimes, they will even advise people not to enter their home from the tai sui direction and to find an alternative entry if one is not available. There is no need to be concerned about a single piece of information, despite the fact that this knowledge is incredibly useful and consistently rings true on some level. My experience as a consultant has taught me that in order for anything negative to occur, there almost always has to be a combination of multiple different factors that all come together at the same moment. This has been my observation throughout the course of my career. Consider the following scenario as an illustration: in a certain year, the entrance to your home aligns with the tai sui direction appropriate for that year. Keep in mind that it varies from year to year and is connected to the Chinese zodiac sign that represents that particular year. Now, this may cause your entry to bring some difficulties to you throughout that particular year. It would then be made worse if you had the misfortune of having your front door aligned exactly with a roadway that pointed straight at your door. This would make the situation much more difficult. This is due to the fact that the air currents (qi) generated by the roadway and the traffic might activate this energy in a manner that is much more detrimental. Another factor that might make things worse for you is if the entry you chose was not a suitable one for you to begin with, taking into account your birth information. We do not want to see any excavating, destruction, or considerable renovation taking place in that direction within a home or straight outside during any given year. What happens on either side of your property impacts you as well, so if you see a dumpster being delivered across the street, take out your compass and make sure the work on your street is aligned correctly. People are assisted by kartar diamond in all stages where feng shui may be effective, including the ground breaking, site selection, demolition scheduling, landscaping, building, renovation, or design phase. kartar has published an ebook with the title “feng shui recommendations for architects,” which contains knowledge that is both quite insightful and highly applicable to persons working in the design profession. Go to www.fengshuisolutions.net in order to get further details on Kartar Diamond’s services,


The direction known as the sui po direction changes from year to year, and it is always a direction that is diametrically opposed to the one that is identified as the tai sui direction for the year. For instance, the Chinese zodiac animal connected with the direction east in 2011 was the rabbit. The west is the direction that faces in the opposite direction of the east. That indicates that the direction to go in Sui Po in 2011 is west, which corresponds to the rooster sector. What does this entail in terms of feng shui, specifically? This indicates that the west, the direction of the rooster in 2011, will be a highly hazardous direction for travelers. The whole of the west is comprised of the degrees 247.5 to 292.5. The rooster sector spans from 262.5 degrees to 277.5 degrees and is located in the midst of that. There are many who believe that the whole rooster sector in the west is the sui po for the year, while others are of the opinion that just the rooster sector has the potential to be harmful. It indicates that renovating that part of your home might potentially result in complications, setbacks, or accidents. To determine where on your property these directions are located, you will need a floor plan that is drawn to scale and an understanding of how to use a compass. All of the directions will need to be measured in relation to the middle of your home. This indicates that excavating or disrupting the rooster area of your property outdoors might also attract misfortunes to occur. A careful practitioner of feng shui may also warn a client to be on the lookout for what their neighbors may be doing in the way of constructions or demolitions in addition to their own actions. The sui po path is straightforward to follow from one year to the next. The temperature varies by just 30 degrees annually. Since we know that the dog is the animal that most directly challenges the dragon during the year 2012, also known as the Dragon Year, the dog sector in the northwest will serve as the sui po for the year. If you anticipate that it will be raining, you should carry an umbrella with you. It is possible to avoid carrying out a refurbishment if you are aware of the times and dates on which these hazardous directions will be more agitated. This is a common practice in xuan kong flying star feng shui, in which we take into account both the time and the direction of an event in order to arrive at conditions that we either wish to improve or profit on. If someone seeks to construct or remodel a home that “sits” in the sui po direction for the year, then the sui po direction may be especially unpleasant for them. This is because starting a project during a negative time frame is similar to starting the project during a negative time frame. The side of the home where people sit is known as the rear side. In 2011, it may be difficult to construct or rebuild a home with a west-facing backyard due to the increased risk of severe weather. If there are any additional factors that are amplifying their effects, it may be much more difficult to sell a property in the same or year it was built. Every single individual has their own unique “personal sui po” path as well. in addition, the formula is not complicated. The Chinese zodiac sign that is in opposition to yours will always be considered an opposition sign in Chinese astrology. These signs of the zodiac are symbolic not only of epochs but also of directions. A person who was born in the year 1966, for instance, was born in the year of the horse, which is usually connected with the southern region. The north, often known as the rat sector, represents the opposing or sui po direction. It is possible for a horse person to resist or deplete themselves if they sleep with their head facing north. And for a person who is a horse, the year of the rat will be a year of resistance for them, during which they should prepare for a greater number of challenges. You may get knowledge about the sui po direction as part of a larger body of information referred to as “construction sha,” which is covered in the study of traditional feng shui. kartar diamond is a consultant with extensive training in the traditional methods, and he has been working professionally on houses and companies since 1992. An genuine consultation will discuss the sui po direction when it is pertinent, in addition to how a person is influenced by the space, taking into account the age of the building, the orientation, the surrounding environment, and many other aspects. This will be a part of the consultation. visit www.fengshuisolutions.net if you would like more information.


An chance to observe or apply the theories that are pertinent to the given discipline and record how those theories materialize or react in a real life scenario is provided by the use of a case study, which is similar to the situation afforded by many other topics and fields of study. The same can be said of feng shui, an old practice that has been around for many thousand years and has been chronicled during that time. A case study will highlight what is usual and predictable about a condition, as well as what may be an exception to the rule or a unique interpretation for it. In addition, the case study will indicate what may be an interpretation that is unique to it. An example of a feng shui case study is a certain kind of home that I have been observing over the last twenty years. I have referred to this style of home as a “divorce house” in the past since the majority of the people who live in these kinds of homes will end up divorcing within a few years of being there, and troubles may start almost immediately after moving in. One of the so-called “divorce homes” is a residence that was constructed between 1964 and 1983, faces magnetic south at an angle of 165-170 degrees, and has a year of construction that falls somewhere in the range of 165-170 degrees. The presence of a master bedroom in the northwest region of the floor plan is the last straw that will put an end to the construction of homes of this kind. The unseen forces that are formed in this sort of residence will make it difficult to maintain most relationships. Homes come with their own distinct characteristics and exert recognizable influences on the people who live there. In all honesty, each every home serves as its own individual case study. I do everything in my power to direct those looking for a new home away from the residences that have been involved in divorces. It does not imply that these house types are devoid of any redeeming qualities; rather, it is understood that they pose a threat to the harmony of relationships and the balance of power between partners. After we have identified the effect that certain conditions often have on the majority of individuals, we can then apply the solutions or adjustments to the case study to see whether or not it will react differently. This is exactly the same as a pharmaceutical business researching the effects of a medication on a disease or illness. Will we obtain the outcome that we want or that was anticipated? And will the research also lead to the discovery of anything new or distinct in addition to its primary purpose? It is common knowledge that a number of important medical discoveries are produced by chance. For instance, the majority of drugs used to treat psychosis are also used to treat epileptic seizures. The research for a good case study should also seek for instances in which the rules are broken, or for ways in which a situation that is normally unfavorable might turn out to be advantageous for someone else. In reference to the “divorce home” that I mentioned before as an example of something that might easily damage relationships, I once investigated a structure that had the same coordinates as the divorce house and was a matchmaking service. In order to grow their company, one of their primary objectives was to target people who were divorced or living alone. They intended to attract people like them as their typical customer. Therefore, this was an excellent case study example of how what is typically thought of as “poor” feng shui may really work in favor of a certain particular kind of company. Because it was realized that apparently balancing the negative energy may diminish the commercial potential, the suggestions ended up being a little bit different from those given for a dwelling. It was mentioned in the footnotes of the case study that all of the women who worked at the matchmaking business had previously been married and had children. Since 1992, Kartar Diamond has worked as a professional consultant and has carried out a variety of case studies. Kartar Diamond received her instruction from both Chinese and European masters. Since then, she has produced her own books and established an online case study club. This club offers advanced training to both students and consultants. Please visit www.fengshuisolutions.net for more details on the services offered by Kartar Diamond.


When you look at some individuals you know, you could notice that they seem to have an incredible capacity to accumulate riches without putting in a lot of work. Could it be that luck has anything to do with how their life has turned out? Examining a person’s birth chart is one technique to discover the key to their financial success or the reason why they have the “Midas touch” when it comes to money. According to Chinese astrology, a person is born with four pillars of destiny that control human life and ambitions such as health, fortune, profession, relationships, and other aspects of human existence. This old art is also known as ba zi, which literally translates as “eight characters.” If we have an individual’s date of birth, we are able to create the four pillars or eight characters that will help us determine that person’s destiny and the course of their life. In a ba zi birth chart, there are ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches. These stems and branches reflect many facets of one’s life, including direct and indirect riches as well as other forms of wealth. If a person’s money luck is something that is important to them, a Chinese astrologer will be able to interpret their ba zi birth chart by looking at the stems and branches included within the chart and doing an analysis on them. The course that a person’s life takes is also influenced by luck pillars, which occur in cycles that last for ten years each. When a Chinese astrologer reads a person’s ba zi birth chart, they are able to pinpoint the locations of the components of prosperity, regardless of whether they are in the stem or the branches. If it is in the stem, then it is exposed and typically indicates a richness that others can see on a surface level. If it is not in the stem, then it does not. When anything is in a branch, it is believed to be hidden riches, and the owner of that money may not be as eager to flaunt it as they otherwise would be. In addition, there is a distinction between direct and indirect forms of wealth. The former is frequently acquired by laborious effort, and its nature is generally more consistent, such as in jobs, commercial operations, and so on. while the latter is often produced by engaging in risky behaviors and making the most of possibilities, such as investing, speculating, trading on share markets, purchasing homes, and other similar endeavors. However, indirect wealth may also refer to unanticipated riches that is acquired via a windfall or bequest from a long-lost uncle or distant cousin. This kind of wealth can be referred to as “unexpected wealth.” Your natal chart has to include positive financial factors, especially indirect riches, as well as certain lucky stars, in order for you to be bestowed with such heavenly luck. Golden Carriage is recognized as one of the stars. It refers to the opportunities that exist for a person to acquire riches via their marriage, such as the prospect of marrying into a noble or affluent family. However, there is a prerequisite that has to be satisfied. It is essential that the wealth star be a beneficial component. Heavenly virtue and monthly virtue are two more types of riches stars that you should keep an eye out for. If you have these stars in your ba zi birth chart, you will be fortunate enough to meet with benefactors and experience a life with relatively few bumps or misfortunes. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a reasonably smooth sailing existence. You may have faith that it will appear in your luck pillars even if it does not appear in your ba zi birth chart. free bazi analysis based on your birthday is available at proactive-qi.com and bazidestiny.yolasite.com, and either site will provide you with a reading or analysis of your ba zi based on the information you provide.


It should be obvious that the rooms in a home in which a person spends the most of their time are the ones that need the most attention. There is often no other area in the house that can compete with the bedroom(s) or the extensively used office space. despite this, we are able to dissect a whole floor plan in order to evaluate the impacts that are having on other parts of the home as well. The whole household may be negatively impacted if the kitchen or bathroom is in an awkward location. Some of the energies in a home are not apparent to the naked eye but are very potent. These energies were formed during the construction of the building. During the process of laying the foundation, energy that originate from the ground travel upward. When the roof is completely finished enclosing the house, the energy from the sun and stars are able to travel downward and be collected within the home. The year in which the roof is first installed is referred to as the year of construction. There will be resonating energies in a home or structure that is composed of several stories. For instance, if you have a bedroom right over a dining room, then those two rooms will have some comparable affects because of their proximity to one another. Consequently, it is also true that basements and attics will typically have an energy that is comparable to that of the rooms that are either above or below them in the structure. When transforming spaces like basements and attics into rooms that are utilized on a daily basis, this becomes an extremely important consideration. They are susceptible to requiring various element cures, just like any other room in the home. Additionally, the yin-yang idea is relevant due to the fact that basements and attics are often regions that can need more light than what they were initially given with. It’s common for rooms that were converted from attics to have slanted ceilings, and sometimes such ceilings are even lower than the standard height. Although having low ceilings might make it easier to concentrate, they shouldn’t be so low that the area seems congested or that it causes people to experience feelings of claustrophobia. basement ceilings are occasionally left unfinished, when beams and air ducts or exposed plumbing lines are not ideal to have above head for a highly utilized space. another facet of yin-yang philosophy that becomes more visible with attics and basements is temperature. heat rises, thus an attic may become uncomfortably hot and a cellar may be perennially frigid. exactly like their representation in movies, individuals frequently feel terrified by their own attic or basement, as if every one of these areas becomes possessed by a ghost. it’s sort of funny that we instinctually predict that a dark, untidy, abandoned environment would be inhabited by ghosts. if an attic or basement is merely utilized for storage, then having a lot of illumination is not necessary. people ask me all the time whether they have clutter or storage rooms in specific sections of the home, if it may have a bad affect on some element of their life. this is typically not the most crucial issue to be concerned about. in reality, we can conclude that if you are able to place all your extra odd stuff in the attic or basement, better there than filling up areas that you use often, where you require more open space. there are no further supernatural mysteries to tell regarding attics and basements. they merely need to be balanced according to yin-yang principle in order to be pleasant as dwelling places. not too dark, not too light. not too hot, not too chilly. they should have high enough ceilings to function in and stable enough flooring to feel safe walking around. after that, they can be evaluated like any other floor in a house with all the other feng shui principles applying. in working with clients, kartar helps them prioritize the big problems from the small problems and this can include different areas of the house and how they are used. kartar has authored several books on traditional feng shui and also has an on-line mentoring program for people who want more advanced information. for more details, go to www.fengshuisolutions.net


The practice of feng shui is divided up into a number of distinct main schools. And the schools that take time into mind are able to disclose a great deal more information about how the home or structure might effect its residents and when it can do so. As a result of the fact that feng shui is a kind of divination, we are able to validate all the influencing factors and also forecast the time at which certain occurrences or conditions are most likely to take place. This applies to the yearly cycles as well. For instance, at the Xuan Kong Flying Star School, we are able to determine whether or not the inhabitants of a home are more likely to suffer from a certain disease. When will the symptoms of the sickness first appear? When the compounded yearly cycles begin, there is a high probability that the sickness will either become apparent or become more severe. As with the permanent energies in regularly utilized portions of a floor design, the yearly effect in heavy traffic regions or rooms used often will have the most impact. Annual cycles undergo shifts on February 4th or 5th of each year. The beginning of these yearly cycles shifts somewhat, but only by roughly 24 hours on average, year to year. I am able to determine the precise moment, right down to the minute, when the new year starts by consulting a Chinese solar calendar. It is important to differentiate between this Chinese solar calendar and the Chinese lunar calendar, which may shift by as much as several weeks from one year to the next. The “5 Yellow Star,” also known as the “Evil Emperor,” is a recurring adversary that must be overcome on a yearly basis. Putting away the esoteric terminology, this is basically a description of a yearly effect that may make a person more susceptible to experiencing discomfort or being involved in an accident. In the year 2011, this energy has been concentrated in the eastern direction. It is scheduled to relocate to the southeast in 2012. In my own private business, I make it a point to provide customers an update either in person throughout the months of November through February or in the form of a written report that is based on the notes that I store in their respective files. The majority of feng shui cures are meant to be semi-permanent; nevertheless, there may be up to six significant adjustments that need to be made annually. People get a reminder from me once a year about which section of their house or place of business need a solution that could be different from what is typically done in that situation. The intention is to lessen or eradicate entirely any energies that have the potential to damage a person’s or family’s health, relationships, financial prospects, or any other issues they may have. These annual forms include conversations on particular topics, such as fertility, legal challenges, or the timing of a remodel, amongst others. These periodic impacts could be more powerful than the permanent energies, and in most cases, natural components are used to counteract them. This involves bringing in genuine components into a space, such as water, wood, fire, earth, or metal, with the intention of altering the magnetic field. Consider the following scenario as an illustration: one of the rooms in a home traditionally requires the fire element, and the resident has responded to this need by furnishing the room with a red area rug or red cushions. Then, a yearly cycle occurs, which might be influenced by the fire. In this scenario, the red-colored decorative elements would be removed from the room for a period of one year, and another corrective component may be introduced. These yearly cycles continue to occur every nine years without ceasing. If you moved into your present home nine years ago, for example, the yearly cycles that were in place in your home nine years ago are the same ones that are in place this year in your home. If the yearly energy in your bedroom was very high nine years ago, then the “visitor” who helped you then will be there to assist you again this year. There are, of course, certain factors that overlap with one another, and this includes the influences of the Chinese zodiac signs that rotate once every twelve years. This may make the yearly reading more difficult, but a consultant who has received enough training will be able to recognize and report subtleties like these. Consider this hypothetical scenario: your home’s front door has been broken into. There is a great deal of yearly energy in one year that may assist you in increasing your revenue. There is a treatment that you might provide to that region in order to make it even more favorable. However, based on your Chinese zodiac sign, we may be able to establish that throughout the same year you will be subject to forces that have the potential to deplete you or make things more difficult for you. This might result in it being a good year for producing money (based on the cycle of your home), but it could make it impossible to save any of that money (based on your birth data). The more you know, the more power you have, and when you can apply all this information to your life, things run more smoothly, and your life becomes better. By using the genuine xuan kong fei xing technique of analysis, Kartar Diamond is able to provide her customers with long-term counsel that has the potential to be useful for decades. In addition, Kartar offers tailored annual reports to its customers, allowing them to make the most of the yearly effects on their homes and enterprises. Visit the website www.fengshuisolutions.net for further details on Kartar’s consultations and books.


The majority of Xuan Kong flying star schools teach their students that it is possible to appraise a property by taking into account both the year it was built and the orientation of its compass. After that, a “flying star” chart is generated for the home, and it is determined that it was constructed within a certain time period. These distinct time periods each last for a total of twenty years. A home that was constructed between the years 1944 and 1963 is an example of a period 5 house. The home is then mended in a manner that is consistent with the energies it had at the time it was constructed. I have found this to be highly accurate and predictable, and I have a good deal of experience assessing properties based on when they were constructed. I have evaluated approximately 5,000 buildings in the first twenty years of my profession, so I have a significant bit of experience doing so. The original energies of a home may be altered in a number of different ways, such as when the home is subjected to a significant renovation, there is a huge fire on the property, or a significant piece of the roof is removed so that it is exposed to the open air. When a home is relocated from one area to another, it is, in all likelihood, the equivalent of a new house being rapidly constructed on the new plot of land where it is situated. There is another theory that is taught in at least one feng shui system, and some people speculate that it might be one of the false feng shui schools. To put it another way, this is a theory that was put forth and perpetuated by practitioners from centuries ago who did not want the knowledge of feng shui to be available to just anyone. There are many erroneous schools out there, and some of their adherents are unaware that their teachings were developed with the intention of misleading people or leading them down the incorrect road. We take it as a given that anybody living in contemporary times who is interested in feng shui may have access to a significant amount of knowledge about the practice. Nevertheless, this was not the case throughout history. This alternative method of calculating the age of a property takes into account when the resident moves in, rather than the date the house or structure was constructed. When I have done a comparison analysis in the past, I have found that this method is not an appropriate technique to diagnose a home, and I feel you should avoid using it. However, this is also a conclusion that would not always come to light, such as in the situation of a person moving into a home during the same time period that it was being constructed. As an example, if a period 7 home is any building constructed between the years 1984 and 2003 and an occupant moves into that house while it is still in the middle of its original construction period, then the date of occupation and the period of construction will be the same. The results of the computations wouldn’t change. The date of occupation hypothesis is also silent on the topic of inhabitants moving in and out of a bigger facility, which is a problem that has to be addressed. Would a practitioner of that school calculate one suite as belonging to one era and another as belonging to another period based only on the times when people are going in and out of the building? And how long would someone have to remain in a location before the floating star chart would be updated to reflect their new location? Some others believe that the current residents must vacate the premises immediately with all of their belongings and remain gone for the next three months. Is it possible for a visitor at a hotel to alter the schedule of the television in their room? People are given a lot of authority in all of these hypothetical settings to control the energies, but in my experience, the environment has more influence over a human than the individual has over the environment. Naturally, some of the schools that simplify things to an extreme don’t even consider the passage of time, which frees them from the responsibility of deciding which path to take. They should not be concerned about it. I make my home in Los Angeles, where I often come across homes that were constructed throughout a wide variety of eras and that may have had residents moving in and out of them every decade. As an example, I spend a lot of time seeing period 4 residences, which were constructed between the years 1924 and 1943. The current inhabitants, many of whom moved in within the last twenty years, are still being impacted by the original energies that were there when the buildings were first inhabited. In point of fact, a further piece of evidence that the year of building is the most significant and accurate approach to diagnosis a property is the fact that every time has certain characteristics that often fit the residents of the home no matter when they move in. People who were born in period 4 homes, for instance, have a powerful “4” energy in their souls. This energy is linked to creative vocations such as acting, writing, music, and the visual arts, as well as many others. The staggering number of individuals who work in the entertainment business and call these residences their home is shocking. If the time when the current residents came in was taken into consideration while assessing the impact of these residences, the results would be considerably different. Because of the year in which the building was constructed, the solutions that I suggested to the customers did not prove to be very effective. all the comments over the years has made me have rather


When I inform my customers that they can purchase the feng shui treatments they need from a local garden center or home décor shop, they often look at me with a combination of joyful surprise and relief. Sometimes they even laugh. Some people have already begun to plan ahead on the assumption that they will have to travel to Chinatown or hunt for unusual items online in order to fulfill their requirements for proper feng shui. This is never an essential step. It is possible to utilize everyday products, and in fact, the less obvious the cures are, the better they will work. Depending on the nature of the design defect or the issue, there is a wide variety of potential solutions to choose from. We may divide the many kinds of feng shui issues that people face into a few primary groups. category one issues are those with the flow of chi. Because of some shortcomings in the design, such as having a front entrance that is lined exactly with a rear door, the air currents that go from one end of a room to the other will need some kind of buffering. The use of tables, chairs, lighting fixtures, live plants, divider screens, or water features are all viable options for achieving this look. It isn’t necessary to go out and buy wind chimes, bangles, or any other Chinese trinkets in order to address many of these design issues; all you need are some common sense decorating arrangements. These items won’t stand out like a sore thumb in the midst of competing design styles. category 2 consists of the energy that cannot be observed. It’s possible that the magnetic field of a room needs something natural added to it in order to achieve a state of equilibrium. Water, wood, fire, earth, and metal are the components that make up the natural elements. A proper decision may be made that is neither difficult to locate nor prohibitively costly provided that the dimensions and purpose of the space are taken into consideration. The concept of water may also refer to a water fountain or an aquarium. The term “wood” may refer to either a living plant or an abundance of the color green. Fire may be an accent light that is used regularly, or it can be a significant exhibition of the color red in an artwork or a decorative object. Items crafted from stone, clay, or pottery may be used to symbolically symbolize earth. Anything that is formed of gold, silver, brass, bronze, iron, or steel might be considered to be metal. If you look about your own home, it won’t be hard for you to identify things that, if positioned in a certain way, have the potential to function as a cure. how can one determine where to place the various components? That is a very other topic of conversation, and in order for a practitioner to know the appropriate placement for specific materials over the long term as well as the shifting cycles, they need to have had traditional training. the third category is for exteriors. Some properties need further landscaping work, including alterations to the ground level or water features, as well as improvements to the paths, fences, and trees. Property owners often have the option of making these adjustments on their own or enlisting the assistance of a landscaper. category 4: the treatment that must be paid for zero Analysis of a person’s personal compatibility with their location of work or residence is a significant portion of a feng shui consultation. Suggestions to modify a sleeping orientation or desk placement simply include placing one’s body differently for lengthy periods of sitting or sleeping, and it does not cost the client anything to implement these sorts of recommendations. Altering some of one’s routines is all that is required to get access to a more desirable door or to discover the area of one’s home where they are able to produce their most original work without incurring any costs. Why, therefore, are there so many websites dedicated to the sale of Chinese trinkets that are said to have the capacity to bring both love and financial success? I suppose this is because placebos have been around since the beginning of time itself! Every culture has its own set of beliefs and mystical traditions, and it’s sad that many traditional Chinese folk beliefs have been intertwined with the more contemporary practice of feng shui. These folk beliefs are kept alive by practitioners who mean well, and the one good thing I can say about them is that if a folk treatment can also qualify as a genuine medicine, then the mystical connotations with it can actually assist increase the number of people who use it. What precisely do I mean when I say this? Let’s imagine, for the sake of this hypothetical example, that someone’s front door requires metal to regulate certain bad effects that, if left unchecked, may otherwise lead to accidents or fights. If I suggest to a customer that they get a table made of wrought iron for their entryway, although this may be fairly functional, it is not particularly mysterious or interesting. On the other hand, if I were to tell the same customer that they needed to purchase two bronze dragon sculptures to protect them from any accidents or mishaps, it is possible that this would appeal to a larger portion of the public. The issue arises when individuals surround themselves with nothing but Chinese trinkets, which do not really have any beneficial effect on their energy in any way. Worse still, a person may perform some symbolic ritual that involves the use of a token object that is constructed out of anything that may further disrupt the equilibrium of the space. For instance, the color red has a number of connotations in Chinese culture, including those pertaining to fertility, riches, and celebrations. However, if it is used in the incorrect spot,


I dette tilfælde, som tidligere cnn rapporterede amerikanske embedsmænd opfanget et budskab mellem al-qaeda leder, ayman al-zawahiri og en top allieret i yemen, nasir al-wuhayshi, fortæller ham at “gøre noget” – en slutning til et terror plot. nu, to amerikanske embedsmænd fortæller cnn, at i hans kommunikation med zawahiri, wuhayshi, der er leder af al qaeda på den arabiske halvø, lagde en plan for et plot, canada goose citadel parka og derefter zawahiri erkendte kommunikationen. wuhayshi, sagde embedsmænd, ikke at bede om tilladelse fra zawahiri – men snarere at informere ham om hans planer. dette scenario – at wuhayshi præsenterede zawahiri med en plan – blev først rapporteret fredag ??i wall street journal. cnn har også lært, at de al-qaeda ledere kommunikeret via en form for krypteret messaging system, med flere indgange for at tillade forskellige parter til at deltage i. adspurgt om sin vurdering af terror gruppe i lyset af den seneste trussel, gentog præsident barack obama sin konklusion om, at dens kerne skylden for 9/11 er “på hælene.” men han gentog, at al-qaeda og andre ekstremistiske grupper “har spredt sig” i regionale organisationer, der stadig kan true amerikanske interesser, herunder ambassader. “og det er præcis, hvad vi ser lige nu,” sagde obama, at bemærke, at anti-terror indsats er en løbende proces. “vi vil ikke helt at eliminere terrorismen. hvad vi kan gøre, er at svække den og styrke vores partnerskaber på en sådan måde, at det ikke indebærer den slags forfærdelige trussel, vi så på 9/11,” sagde han. oprindelsen af ??den pakistanske truslen var ikke canada goose jakke klar, men en separat embedsmand sagde, at det var “tænkeligt” lashkar-e-tayyiba var involveret. lahore er kendt som base for denne gruppe, der betragtes som en terrororganisation af usa.

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