Lead: like low-key people know that fashion does not need to be too difficult to understand, a single product that is simple enough, just like the classic wave point, it seems to never be far from the fashion circle, just using one to match the body shape is enough to light up, and now the author recommends ten korea clothing online shopping polka dot with demonstrations, you always have a taste for it. further talents in clothes collocation, please feel free to visit: Collocation advice: white striped t-shirt with black polka dot short kit and black casual shoes (source: recommended experience: take the most is the classic black and white, wave point suit very fan children, inside with white striped t-shirt is simple and stylish, with shoulder-length black short hair, exudes aristocratic temperament small fragrant like the wind, wave point suit is definitely worth starting. A loose gray long-sleeved t-shirt, shorts, and black boots with white dots are some suggestions for collocations. experience that is highly recommended: refined flavor In addition to the head of the wool hat, which is both amusing and adorable, it is the rainy season en wellies material, which is practical and moisture-resistant. The very lazy gray loose short-sleeved t-shirt and navel, with a high waist shorts with white dotted paragraph, quickly brightens fashion. a black dress with lantern sleeves, a white shirt, and flops are some examples of collocations. This is a highly recommended experience: a black doll dress with a white lantern-sleeve top is quite adorable, relaxed models may hide extra body fat, and wave point features provided even more vitality to the overall look. Tip: wear a tight white sleeveless shirt with a black skirt and a black polka dot clutch. The following is a recommended experience: a tight white sleeveless shirt with black dots fashion lady skirt can be described as a good mix of demonstration, simple tunic revealing the same good figure, pants with great fashion sense. merely a knee-wave point skirt with a split ends design, rising soft white thighs, and a high degree of suction eye! Some suggestions for collocations: a brown blouse with a spiral design, a fishtail skirt with black dots, and heels a highly suggested experience: this sophisticated brown shirt has a spiral design with black dots that seem to be very important. It is paired with a fishtail skirt that is leg length, and the high waist dress itself will improve the proportion of the body waist, which will be ideal. Suggestions for collocation: a red blouse with polka dots, waist-length denim shorts, and black boots Highly recommended: the rosy crimson vintage appeal of the encounter While the polka dot shirt shining into the waist cheap women’s apparel denim shorts, the huge girl walking art fan, a pair of boots, and beautiful cosmetics and red lips are all paired with the ideal shirt, the perfect shirt is also perfect. Recommendations for collocations: a white blouse with polka dots, a denim purse, a hip skirt, and shoes experience that is recommended: a denim waist thin package hip skirt, a white shirt with a simple little black wavelet point there, and a simple little black wavelet point there. The button design for the center row is really unique, and combined with the blue sports shoes and skirt, it reflects vigor and energy while yet retaining elegance. Here are some suggestions for collocations: brown shoes, a black dress with polka dots, and a casual bag. The black polka dot dress is the experience that is suggested. This design is also perfect for individuals wearing any sort of height, with a white casual bag, since it allows the sun to travel from little to fresh! Despite the fact that the style is basic, it will never become outdated. Tips for collocation: black polka dot blouse with small black trousers and a clutch recommended experience: black dots shirt with a small black trousers, black melody stylish and handsome, slightly rolled up trousers ankle exposed more legs, gray-green leather shoes to break the monotony and contribute to the overall flavor of the shape. Advice on how to use collocations: loose-fitting striped shirt with black jeans and a baseball hat with polka dots wholesale fashion apparel experiences that are recommended: If it is possible to replace sandals with shoes that are black and white striped with black and white dots, I think that the style will become more consistent. This is because the combination of these two forms is extremely amusing and provides a lasting impression. you are welcome to check the following website for further clothes collocation skills:


Those who are successful in business are characterized by a number of characteristics, one of which is confidence. Does your voice convey a sense of self-assurance whenever you listen to yourself on any kind of recording device, whether it be your answering machine, a video recorder, or your iPhone? My question is not whether you like what you hear; the vast majority of people do not. I want to know whether your voice gives the impression that you are confident and knowledgeable. The voices of famous actors, such as Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery, Kate Beckinsale, Julia Ormond, Kathleen Turner, Diane Sawyer, George Clooney, and James Earl Jones, all have the quality of warmth. If you listen to the voices of these actors, you will notice that their voices all have this characteristic. Each of them exudes an air of self-assurance. The computer is being used by a significant number of individuals in today’s world to manage their enterprises. Since the introduction of webinars, teleseminars, conference calls, and other similar events, the quality of the speaker’s voice has become just as significant as the substance of the meetings itself. It is difficult to observe the person who is speaking in many of these circumstances since there is no visual. When something like this occurs, the evaluation of the host is often based on how he or she sounds. Although I was working in New York City at the time, I received a job offer from a firm that I spoke with over the phone. I had never had the opportunity to meet these individuals in person before. My entire commercial transactions with that company had been conducted over the phone up until that point. When they asked me whether I was capable of filling the position of director of public relations, I responded by saying that I had no prior experience in the field of public relations. Their reaction was that they had faith in me, which meant that they felt I was capable of performing the duties of the position. Why did this firm decide to hire me for this position? my own voice when I talk. One of my music lessons was when I made the discovery that I had a “genuine” speaking voice. This was before I moved to New York City and began my graduate studies. In comparison to my habitual or prior voice, my “true” voice had a deeper pitch, a warmer tone, and a more mature sound because of its maturity. Inside of each and every one of us is a more powerful voice. This is because it is driven by the chest cavity, and it has resonance that is similar to the voices of the performers that I stated before. If you want to give the impression that you are self-assured, you should also take into consideration the tone of your voice when you talk since it is an essential component of your overall appearance. It is naturally far more significant than your visual appearance whether you are speaking over the phone or participating in a webinar. After you have found your “true” voice, you will have a voice that exudes self-assurance and confidence. Additionally, you will like hearing your voice on recording equipment. This is something you should keep in mind. There is a bonus right here! As the only video training program on voice enhancement, the Voice Lady Nancy Daniels provides individual, corporate, and group courses in voice and presenting skills. Additionally, she is the creator of voicing it!, which is a video training program. You should watch the before and after video clip of Trisha if you are interested in seeing a dramatic transformation in her voice, from that of a kid to that of an adult.


The weather is becoming colder in the early fall, and you want to show off some seductive things. What is the best way to wear to accommodate the temperature while simultaneously looking elegant? A package hip skirt tailored to your body might be the perfect way to highlight your lovely curves; it is unquestionably the greatest option for you. Please check the following website for further information on clothes collocation: package hip skirt look The first talent in collocation: are you sick of stiff, severe wear? Try to match the hue of the emotion. The patterned package hip skirt exudes a sense of bygone luxury. In addition to being warm and fashionable, a sweater in a nude hue may be tailored to show off an excellent physique. package hip skirt look 2 collocation skill: delicate pink and into the basic design of the inexpensive women’s apparel t-shirt, which is casual and slightly appealing. The overall form is not overtly sweet or artificial, and the design of the black bag hip skirt is dignified and beautiful. There is a fold package hip skirt that is meant to create a personal impact become more apparent. There is a lovely fish head boot. striped vest with black sweater, simple and generous, and easy to handle are the three collocation skills that are included in the package hip skirt look-three. How can the color be matched with the overall coolness of the colors? Try out the hip skirt with an uneven package. In order to showcase the personality and add a touch of charm, the hypotenuse should be matched with a flounced skirt. package hip skirt look 4 collocation skill: package hip skirt package hip skirt simply do not consider that women in the workplace patent It’s possible to wear the same dynamic vibe with a package hip skirt. This bright color t-shirt has a lively feel to it, and it is a perfect match for the comfort and succinct package that includes a feminine short skirt. It is a significant role that skateboard is performed. Package hip skirt with flowers printing that is realistic, such as ink-like grace and elegance. This is the fifth collocation talent that you need to have. In the office, a shirt is an essential item for women to have, and the sleeves of the shirt feature a hollow pattern that adds a touch of charm. There is a significant amount of navy blue high heels for the overall shape. A sweater with a navy blue collar and sleeves and just enough dark blue package hip skirt echoes is the sixth look in the package hip skirt collocation skill. To strike the color effect of the formation and to have an influence on the visual sense, matching pieces of red pointed heels were used. package hip skirt look 7 collocation skill: a star pattern that is serene and elegant in a small package hip skirt that is exciting. There is no need to be concerned since a white t-shirt can be readily mended. The color that corresponds to the number of a serious issue is dark green. Plus point strapless design that draws attention to the individual’s individuality. The most gorgeous black boots. collocation skill number eight: a black and white pattern skirt included in the packaging hip skirt look tone match that is frigid, repetitive, and monotonous, with a bundle that has hundreds of hip changes. This is a loose variation of the kind that has a thin look and is a black pullover with a high neckline. It is not desirable for the general form of the words to be too sluggish, casual, and beaming from sweaters; instead, it should quickly become dignified and generous. The request for a black purse and high heels has been declined. package hip skirt look 9 collocation skill: maroon sweater with both warm and not excessively bright feeling uncomfortable, filling the attractiveness of an adult. This crazy and beautiful outfit consists of a black package hip skirt and black shoes. Match a white bag, and make the color matching more lively while maintaining a consistent pattern. The package hip skirt look 10 is a collocation talent that consists of passionate red dazzling spots, a red and white striped vest that is simplicity and generosity. S-curve design is only visible on the waist of the tight package hip skirt and vest. She is pleasant and handsome, and she is wearing a white suit. ideal for pairing with shoes purchased in China wholesale you are welcome to check the following website for further clothes collocation skills:


The denim jacket, a timeless classic, is both attractive and fashionable. The graceful and refined aspect of ladies may be shown via the use of the korean clothes online outfit. As the whims of the denim jacket dress come into contact with softness, hardness with gentleness, and closeness, the interpretation of yet another round of early fall fashion is taken into consideration. Let the author suggest some fall collocation skills for you, such as wearing a dress with a denim jacket. for further talents in clothing collocation, please visit the following website: to see a creative bike demonstration. A chiffon flowery dress with a complete pastoral mood, a word skirt that is just appropriate to embellish the hip line, and a high waist design that produces a more ideal body proportions are all examples of talents that can be obtained via collocation. If you are concerned about seeming a little bit manufactured and sweet, you can want to complete the dignified elegance by matching the attractive denim jacket. show of cleverness and take Two collocation skills: mature in a small black dress appealing, but also reveal slim legs. these are the two sentences. You should wear a denim jacket with high-heeled boots and cool press them. Include a hat that is a little bit stylish. show of cleverness and take A printing package hip dress that demonstrates elegant curves and is seductive are the three collocation talents. denim jacket and cap designed to complement one another, resulting in an overall appearance of young vigor. a brilliant take on the exhibition of four collocation skills: a black dress that is both respectable and elegant, a long skirt design that is both elegant and generous. Denim jackets are able to bring a touch of sophistication to an outfit. show of cleverness and take There are five talents that are required for collocation: an exquisite and fresh wholesale plus size clothes print dress that is full of wonderful and vibrant. The boyfriend look is characterized by a loose denim jacket. Polka-dot shoes and offer a touch of playfulness to your look. smart riding demonstration 6 collocation skills: print dress filled enchanting mature. A pair of black leggings that are not only warm but also make the legs seem more thin. A long denim jacket is both fashionable and functional. Take a look at this brilliant take example of seven collocation skills: a white dress that is basic and beautiful, black pointed shoes that are wild and comfy, and adjusted leg lines. a nice denim jacket should be matched with it so that the overall form has additional layers. A white lace dress with a complete pure refined temperament, a waist and hip package design revealing beautiful curves, toes touch bits of red, and filling delightful are all examples of brilliant take demonstrations of eight collocation talents. Denim jackets have the ability to provide a sense of coolness. A black tutu with a strong sense of style, along with black tights and black shoes, displays a complete adult appeal. This is a brilliant take on the exhibition of nine collocation talents. The denim jacket was a lovely and simple piece, with a belt waist that had the effect of enhancing the waistline and making it substantially thinner. Dotting is the job that is fulfilled by the red handbag. This is a brilliant take display of ten collocation skills: the black asian clothes online dress is without a question the most popular option for ladies to wear in the office. When it comes to personal design, the line is ideal. A denim jacket and a red metal belt that compliment each other are gorgeous and appealing in their own way. you are welcome to check the following website for further clothes collocation skills:


Before the purity of childhood, every girl had a fantasy of becoming a princess. She wanted to wear gorgeous clothes and lovely glass slippers, and she was looking forward to meeting the prince charming. We highly propose ten different types of lovely dresses, which will assist you in realizing your goal of becoming a princess and falling in love with your prince. If you are interested in learning more about clothing collocation, please visit the following website: colllocation recommended: embroidered irregular wholesale clothing from china dress The chest has a one-of-a-kind embroidery that is replete with national style. A drawstring waist design with a pulled waist allows for a more easy and humane adjustment for the wearer. The skirt folds and uneven shape are lots of individuality, and the peter doll collar design adds a touch of cuteness when worn. The following combinations are suggested: high-heeled shoes with a fish head pattern, a dress, and a bow belt. Simple but not boring, the blue dress with the white chiffon top is a great example. The style of the large skirt provides a touch of elegance. One-of-a-kind personality, bows that add cuteness, fish head high heels that are noble and generous, and showing beautiful toes are all features of the belt design. Recommended combinations include a dress made of chiffon in a neutral hue, a necklace, and high shoes. In addition to being airy and thin, chiffon also provides elegance. A nude color is one that is near to the hue of the flesh, elegant, and fresh. There is no longer a boring dress that is exactly the perfect size thanks to fold design. Jewelry accessories for necklaces are the final touch to play the part, and they convey an air of refined appeal. Peter Pan collar lace cheap women’s clothes dress with fish head wedge heel is the suggested combination for this combo. The outer skirt of lace designs makes the garment more three-dimensional and full of personality. The inside layer is doubled and is navy blue, which is a noble and generous color. a fish head wedge heel, along with a peter pan collar that is both attractive and energetic, to create an exquisite princess style! It is advised to pair the dress with the belt and the sky blue pattern. A collar design that is virtuous, dignified, and generous is added to a sky blue dress that is fresh and simple, elegant and vivacious, and incorporates a pattern. At the same time, the waist belt tightened the waist, so showing legs that were flawless. In a word, a skirt is something that covers the legs and thighs, and it is comfortable and lovely. Recommended pairing: a dress with polka dots and a belt made of woven fabric Polka dots are the epitome of nostalgic and adorable, and they are quite age-appropriate. filling the braided belt in a pastoral manner, pulling the waist, and making it much higher meant that it was thin. Sleeves that are made to be loose might easily fit over your fat arm. We propose the following collocation: blue dress and bright color protection against the sun clothes It is possible for a blue clothing to make your skin seem whiter. This drawstring waist has a unique design and is meticulously designed to increase the waistline and tighten the fat around the waist. Clothing that provides necessary sun protection during the summer, if you are feeling hot, if you desire to discover models hung on his shoulders as a decoration, and alternative fashion that is convincing! The following collocation is recommended: package hip dress waist and hip design packages waist and hips to reveal excellent lines since the dress is mature. printed with a one-of-a-kind personality, the red embroidered accent breaks the uniformity, and provides a lot of flair. I would propose the following collocation: online shopping for patterned maxi Korean clothes dress cake When it comes to showcasing a single product, the maxi dress is without a doubt the goddess attitude. The design of the cake skirt incorporates a printing that is wonderful, graceful, and fresh, so completing the pastoral style. Dresses made of patterned chiffon and shoulder bags in black are suitable for this combination. Vertical connection prints that were created resulted in thin visual effects. These prints were fresh and clean. A chiffon fabric allows air to circulate. The shoulder bag is black. simple and generous, yet packed with a lot of drama. you are welcome to check the following website for further clothes collocation skills:


While the Japanese fashion dressing style is becoming more popular in the early fall, we will be introducing the skills necessary to integrate Japanese fashion dressing collocations in autumn. If you are interested, please come have a look at this! further talents in clothes collocation, please feel free to visit: (1) a loose wholesale women’s apparel skirt with huge orbital mirrors letter ultra-loose version of type, a Japanese super-tide style fashion! with the letter of the skirt, worn in a manner that is both comfortable and informal, accompanied with a pair of huge orbital rim glasses, soaring fashion degree indeed! This is a nice, casual style that has a piercing early autumn flavor! The Japanese fashion wearing style is characterized by a very distinct style that is ultra-tide as well. For example, there is a casual upper printed t-shirt that is dry and fresh, a miniskirt that is the right match for the lower body, and the blast wave eyeball. yeah, the sleeves are extremely suitable for the fall season; they are neither too cool nor too hot. (2) a pair of Donald Duck shorts paired with a white neckless t-shirt The Donald Duck has a gorgeous pattern on the top, a design that is somewhat strapless, very refreshing, oh, casual, fresh, taste it in early fall, wearing a white shorts ride, being a huge lover of Japanese culture, and having extremely eye-catching balls. (3) a t-shirt in a neon hue with tight fitting wholesale apparel shorts made of china Not only do bright colors have a very alive and clean sensation, but they also have a very funny sense of humor, and they also have gorgeous patterns, which is very Japanese in style! In the early fall, it is quite refreshing to wear a short that fits snugly and has a tee hem beam that can be inserted inside the shorts. In the early fall, a two-piece lazy dress with casual shoes was worn. This dress was both casual and elegant, and it was paired with a pair of shoes that were a casual version of the kind of shoes. This outfit was a really nice one for the impact of the Japanese tide lady. In the month of August, the korean version of the dress with flat shoes with the korean version of the style, which is fostering freshness in the environment of Japan. The flood of women is needed, and they desire a dress, oh, a pair of white flat shoes outfit, very clean and very wet ground. The influx of women is required! (6) the increase in the number of persons carrying t-shirts with intricate patterns The Japanese tide female t-shirt, which has a design that is both charming and sophisticated, is a favored one. What are some of the streets that you wish to dress up for when it’s fall and summer vacation time? The bits of Japanese t-shirts could be acceptable! by means of a magnificent bag! (7) Hip skirts and a casual t-shirt that are part of a wholesale clothes bundle at cost Students are returning to school at the beginning of fall, and a great number of girls will be getting ready for the beginning of the new semester. One of the things that girls like doing the most is going to the library. Going to the library is a popular activity for girls. A casual t-shirt that is both comfy and natural, ideal for pairing with a package hip skirt as a Japanese-style garment. really wet and presentable! you are welcome to check the following website for further clothes collocation skills:


As time goes on, the temperature continues to drop. After we have said our goodbyes to the bleak winter, we will meet again in the fall, when the weather is nice and the flowers are blossoming. They are sick of the clothing that are in the closet, and they are looking for anything that would give them a new sensation. It is time to challenge your fresh sensory perception by trying out the latest clothing collation of the newest Korean and Japanese fashion. If you are interested in learning more about clothing collocations, please visit, the classical There is a season for single articles of clothing, and fall is the season for pure cardigans and cheap women’s apparel sweaters. crochet designs with a rhombic twist and a nostalgic aesthetic. The pure girl who is wearing a checkered top and a lace skirt is not in the correct taste for campus breeze. the lovely style of the red sweater with the flowery skirt, which tastes a little bit sassy and fresh, and it is really good, oh. There are a lot of ladies who appreciate this design, and it seems to be a really comfy fashion dress. Currently, the faux collar ornament is becoming more fashionable. During the summer, you should wear skirts that are bright and lively with it. In the fall and winter, you may wear sweaters with it, and it will make you feel gorgeously little. There is a traditional sweater with sheep shorts that you may try on! The hollow petals ornamental sweater, along with the high waist skirt that has been printed, draws the shape of a narrow waist, making the wearer seem extremely slender. A style that is both basic and lovely is what the girls like. Wearing a coat on a wet day in the early fall is a really stylish look. There are a lot of females who do not want to engage in laborious collocations; the solution is extremely simple; all you need to do is choose a suit for dressing. It is the most popular color this year to wear a lemon yellow sweater, which is a bright hue. This sweater is worn on the body and is loaded with personality and extremely atmospheric. It is sensuous and seductive when worn with a patterned skirt. There are two colors in this shirt, and it is extremely lovely. Put on some lovely items of clothing, and have a nice time! The green and yellow loose sweater, which had a taste that was rather sweet, was worn on the body without any restrictions and was quite generous. By drawing the shape of a flawless body with a printed high waist skirt, you may get a very comfortable appearance. You may get a really sensual look by pairing this star-printed scarf with coffee-striped shirts and a relaxed attitude. not just a female with a wonderful appearance, but also one who wears clothing to seem beautiful, as such a review. clear to you, learn how to adapt to their own style so that you may exhibit your own inherent beauty that is not shared by anybody else. Due to the fact that color tights and become extremely dynamic, the autumn dress knit cardigan jacket is a typical collocation. with the intention of learning together, leaping sensation full color collocation! For ladies who are overweight and chubby, a coat sleeve design that is very loose and covers the kylin arm might be a simple task to do. The yellow plush sweater with black flowers embroidered on it is quite vibrant and eye-catching. It is worn on the body and looks wonderful. It is paired with a black umbrella high waist skirt, black tights, and black heels, making it extremely elegant and appealing. At the asian clothes online site korean japan, you may purchase all of the things that are mentioned above that are the most recent from the Korean fashion fall collection of 2013. We would like to welcome you to for further clothing collocation talents.


A preface: the lovely waitress who sheds should wear a lot, and if you want to add a handsome touch, a leather skirt can fulfill your requirements. Put on the body of a youthful pangke fan korea clothing online shopping leather skirt with a t-shirt, chiffon shirt, or jeans shirt for a very handsome fashion look. Pay attention to the high waist skirt with umbrella height ratios that can be stretched, and you will look charming crush tall and handsome. Oh! in order to get further talents in clothing collocation, please visit This brown leather skirt is a collocation crush that is very pangke fan. It is paired with a camouflage jacket and a light gray denim short jacket, which makes it even more handsome as a fashion plate. Additionally, it is paired with one pair of black leather boots to create the ideal rock fan youthful styling, which is playful and sweet and does not shed any breath. In addition to brown thick-soled shoes to create pangke fan styling, coupled with early autumn denim jacket without fear of breeze, [2] recommend collocation black umbrella skirt that is easy to ride and yet significantly higher, as if to crush with a black and white tone printing t-shirt will ensure that there are no mistakes. The collocation of a handsome leather skirt can also be sweet. For example, a crush geometric spell color with a white long-sleeved gray t-shirt is very fashionable in the gray-black tone styling show mature charm. However, on the other hand, wearing a baseball cap and a youthful crush sweet face can not be hidden! [4] we recommend a collocation of a playful leather skirt with a high waist that looks thin and long legs crush, a translucent blouse with a flower mesh leather skirt that will be soft and tough and in a very harmonious manner, semi-disclosure meat reverie talk, and a black rivets hat that is more handsome as a fan. [5] Punk attractive cheap women’s apparel leather skirt collocation black white t-shirt slim minimalism, with black and white striped leather skirt stylish black and white vintage round mirror in the style of sunglasses blessed mysterious with a mysteriously handsome appearance. It is recommended that you wear a striped shirt with a cute leather skirt. This combination is very appropriate for a crush who has a sweet disposition. Additionally, you should wear a denim vest that is decorated with black and white clothing and a dry, cool street style to show that you exhibit more charm and sweetness. It is recommended that you wear transparent blouses with a maroon leather skirt printed with a handsome and charming design. If you wear a denim jacket short board, you should be tall and slim, and you should have a personality that is full of young uninhibitedness. The pairing of a black leather skirt with a black and white mosaic bright vitality baseball jacket, a short skirt with a sensual but young appeal, and a chain belt with an oblique backpack is recommended. [9] It is recommended to wear a black shirt with a blue leather skirt, which may appear to be a low-key outfit; however, because the leather skirt is glossy, it is impossible for people to ignore it. Additionally, you should wear black knee socks and thick-soled shoes to look punk handsome and full of youthful assertive features. [10] It is recommended that you wear a leather skirt with a white blouse, a black and white form that is safe but not temperamental, and white china wholesale shoes that are casual and comfortable. We would like to welcome you to for further clothing collocation talents.


The moment when ladies come to the realization that they are more than merely lovely dolls Are women merely a commodity that the age of market-based capitalism uses and appropriates to increase the attractive capacities of their products, or are women more than the physical representation of a society that is obsessed with glamour, places a high value on appearances, and is obsessed with appearances? There are hoardings of women endorsing a variety of products, whether they are domestic, culinary, technological, or even serving as brand ambassadors for educational institutions. There are hoardings of women everywhere we go today, whether we are in the high-end malls in the cities or traveling through small towns and cities where each street is crowded with hoardings of women. The fact that women are hardly ever seen to have any real association with education, employment, or upliftment as a category in themselves is what makes the situation extremely alarming. However, it is incredible that some privileged and attractive women are able to advertise for businesses that they may or may not have any connection to in their everyday lives. What is being discussed is that it is not a healthy progression in society for women to be seen only as faces that produce an attraction and would therefore successfully compel the buyers to purchase that product. The woman’s thoughts, her world view, and her dreams are in no way significant in any appeal to make the product worth buying. This is the main point that is being discussed. Despite the fact that she is a hired doll who has no agency of her own, she is a commodity that is being placed up for sale. She is scarcely even tied to the product beyond the glamour-related part of her own appearance. Therefore, if one takes a more in-depth look at the situation, one will come to the realization that, in the end, when it comes to concrete manifestations, it is only the product that is selling. However, at the most fundamental level, it is the woman’s physical self that is being purchased, consumed, and then discarded as a new package that is more appealing is introduced into the market. the question really does arise then , that women need to re imagine and reexamine their places in societies, do they want to remain poster girls and glamour divas without an agency significant only till the time that the outer, the physical lasts or do they as a community want to develop in themselves a more permanent, deeper meaning for their own existential queries, who doesn’t know after all that the physical vitality and the agility of the body are but temporary companions in this journey called life but what lasts forever is the inner resource, that time or grey hair does not snatch away. women must learn that their world views, their dreams and their standpoints in life, their judgments , their aspirations all matter much more than how they look- and if there is the pressure of looks and if you live in a space where you are valued only because you look a certain way, then you need to be aware that the moment your looks will disappear that society’s love for you will disappear too. that is why, no matter how blind folded we tend to become in the consumerist cultural ethos that has turned women into commodities like soap and refrigerator , we as women must not remain satisfied with a culture that does not acknowledge the world that lies within us, that fails to dive into the depths of the ocean thinking that its only a small bucket! Come out of the posters, come out of the item numbers, come out of an occupation that treats you like a pretty doll with no brain, come out of something that treats you like a pretty doll with no brain, come out of being a dreamer, be a thinker, and be a doer; you are more than the beauty of your face.


Your listeners will undoubtedly be negatively affected if you talk with an excessive amount of nasality or if you use your nose excessively. In addition to being shrill, a whiny voice is quite similar to nails being written on a chalkboard. The encouraging news is that you can get rid of the nasal sounds that are present in your voice if you put in the effort to practice and retrain your “inner ear” to recognize the difference. In spite of the fact that every language has its own unique set of real nasals, the English language has three sounds that truly ought to be vibrating in the nose. These sounds are the n, m, and ng sounds. In other words, every word that has one or more of those nasals will cause your nose to vibrate in some way. This is what this implies. One of the issues that arises when there is an excessive amount of nasality is that other sounds are also traveling up through the nose. This is especially true for the long e and long a vowels in some regions of the United States and Canada. You don’t have to be a native New Yorker to have an excessive amount of nasality in your voice. Put your index finger on either side of your nose in a very gentle manner to determine whether or not you have a nasal. Squeeze your nose, but just touch it. Do not squeeze it. Take a word for it: tea. Were you able to detect any vibrations? In such case, you should think about finding a way to put an end to that practice. A customer from Italy who I worked with not too long ago emailed me a tape of his “before” session. And he wanted to know what I thought of his voice. A high-pitched and nasal quality could be heard in this man’s voice. I informed him that there were two things that he had to keep in mind in order to get rid of the excessive nasality: 1. Perform some workouts that target your nasal passages. One of the most effective workouts is to accentuate the fact that you are speaking the word “tea” by sending it up through your nose. (Yes, that is going to sound ridiculous.) If you want to attempt repeating the same phrase again along the floor of your mouth, you should first open your mouth, then relax your jaw, and then try that. It is common for a tight or locked jaw to be the source of excessive nasality. When you learn to relax your jaw and enunciate your words down the bottom of your mouth rather of sending them up through your nose, you will notice a significant change in the sound that you produce. The next step is to repeat the exercise using other phrases that seem like they have an excessive nasal tone. 2. Look deep inside your chest cavity to unearth your “true” voice, which is characterized by a deeper level of warmth and richness. As a result of this, you will discover that the modification you make to the positioning of your voice will also assist in reducing the excessive nasal whine. The change that can be heard as a result of using this voice training approach is very remarkable. An overabundance of nasality is detrimental to a dynamic speaking mode. You are going to be shocked by what you hear if you only remember to take your nose out of your voice. If you are interested in hearing the difference between a nasal and a non-nasal voice, you should view the dramatic “before and after” video that Katie has posted, and then go through the other video clips that the voice woman has uploaded to the menu bar of voice dynamic.

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