On June 3, the public action “ya’an ignited the lamp of hope” was formally inaugurated, and the well-known singer annie yi served as the event’s sponsor. This action, together with a well-known led lighting company, arranged a charity event to provide lights to the second primary school in xinxiang hamlet, which is located in Ya’an town. These lights ignited the lamp of brilliance and hope in the earthquake-devastated region of Ya’an. It was reported that the students in ya’an xinxiang second primary school were forced to adhere to study in the shabby activities board after the earthquake. The dim light caused a great negative impact on the child’s vision, which is why annie yi started the action “ya’an lights glimmer of hope,” which is to donate lighting products to the earthquake-stricken area. Annie yi posted the following on micro-bo on June 3: “in the second primary school of xinxiang village, ya’an town, tian quan country, we installed the lights in the hot and secretly classrooms for the kids, we will complete the installation in the 12 classrooms, each classroom is installed eight, even after the rainy cloudy day, they can continue to learn in a bright classroom, no longer need tummy to write.” Children in the earthquake disaster region in ya’an will get a donation of led bulbs from annie wright and a led lighting firm. These led bulbs are not only power efficient, but they are also durable and simple to replace. The high quality source of the led bulbs is the key to their success. Annie encouraged the children to sing a song of thankfulness when they were at the location where the lights had been donated. The children later presented Annie and the other compassionate workers with a “thanksgiving card,” which had been written by the youngsters in a serious manner and stroked out. led lighting not only can bring better view for the kids to learn, but it also saves limited disaster resources, which is called a double benefit from this incident. all walks of life are constantly concerned about the lives of earthquake victims in ya’an. Many led lighting manufacturers are actively donating led lighting to make their stricken lives more convenient. Many superstars such as annie has also been practicing their own loving actions. we can totally see that led lighting is increasingly affected by the earthquake. led flood light, led tunnel lights, and other high power outdoor lighting has more applications in our lives these days. led tubes and other indoor lighting is gradually replacing traditional fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps, because the light does not flicker and is stable. While many good led manufacturers are engaged in researching and producing led lighting, li sida lighting is famous for his professional development and production technology.


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In March of 2013, Mr. Yaro Donchenko joined Asta Capital Incorporated, bringing with him a wide range of talents and traits, including understanding of foreign currency markets, expertise in contingency planning, workflow building, and compliance with regulatory requirements. During the aforementioned month, Mr. Yaro Donchenko assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of Asta Capital Inc., an investment firm headquartered in New York City. Asta Capital Inc. is an investment company that handles a variety of investment vehicles on start-up telecommunications businesses all over the globe. It has previously made investments in these businesses. At the moment, the business has over fifty investments spread out over 11 nations, and the amount of money involved in each investment varies from $2 million to $10 million. An investment costing that much requires, of course, a significant amount of effort spent analyzing risk-adjusted returns and the liquidity profile of the asset. Before becoming the CEO of Asta Capital Incorporated, Mr. Yaro Donchenko held numerous key and senior level positions at a variety of different telecommunication companies. As a result, he is no stranger to making crucial decisions, conducting risk assessments, and determining the costs and benefits of various options. Mr. Yaro Donchenko served as the Chief Operating Officer of National Telecom Grid, which was originally known as Logic Acquisitions, before to becoming the CEO of Asta. The business plans to achieve its goals by either working with existing market place leaders or by purchasing rapidly expanding VoIP startups. During the period beginning in December 2009 and ending in December 2012, Mr. Yaro Donchenko served as the Vice President of Business Development at OVE Telecoms, generally known as ovetel for short. The business is a cutting-edge wholesale VoIP termination provider that also provides voice call aggregation and transit services. The following is a list of some of Mr. Yaro Donchenko’s many talents and areas of expertise: • marketing management • new business development • business intelligence • international sales • business strategy • risk management • business analysis • international business strategy • fx hedging • international sales • business strategy

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