Oceanside, California. The worldwide ebook awards presented by the ebook academy are now accepting submissions for their inaugural annual awards. The competition will be open for submissions until December 31, and winners will be notified on February 1. The nomination process for the ebook awards is open to any author or publisher who wishes to submit an ebook for consideration. The six categories for the ebook prize include fiction and non-fiction for adults, fiction and non-fiction for young adults and children, fiction and non-fiction for ebook cover design, and ebook video trailers. According to Andrea Glass, who serves as the Dean of Education at the Ebook School, “we first designed these prizes to provide our students at the ebook academy the exposure to potential ebook readers.” “you may publish the finest ebook in the world, but if nobody knows about it, then that’s a loss for both the readers and the author.” According to bruce fischer, dean of marketing, “our judges have specific criteria they look for, such as writing quality (including style and clean editing), effective and engaging communication, ebook format/layout, cover, uniqueness, creativity, valuable content, and overall impressions.” [Citation needed] “our judges have specific criteria they look for,” “we consider everyone who applies for an award to be a winner just by applying, and they all get awards as well.” Each participant who submits an entry for consideration in the International Ebook Awards will be given a digital honorable mention sticker as well as a press release that will be distributed. The six winners will each get a prize package valued at more than $500, which includes a digital sticker, a comment from an award judge, a book review, social media coverage, a press release and distribution, and membership in the ebook academy for one year. According to glass, “the vast majority of writers believe that producing and releasing ebooks is typically simpler than selling them.” “because of this, we provide a variety of marketing packages on our website at It is for this reason that we are offering exposure for all of the contestants in the ebook awards. The entry period will close with the stroke of midnight on December 31st, 2013. The cost to enter is $47 per entry, and each participant is only allowed two submissions total. Go to for further details and to fill out an entry form.


The film “Fifty Shades of Grey” is currently in the works to be produced by Universal Pictures. The book “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James serves as the inspiration for the film adaptation of the same name. It was determined that charlie hunnam would play the main part in the movie with dakota johnson; however, the filmmakers and charlie hunnam came to an agreement that they would find another actor to portray the role instead. The news came from Universal Pictures on October 13th of this month. The protagonist of “fifty shades of gray” is a young woman named Anastasia, who is a college student. She begins a romantic connection with christian grey, a 27-year-old wealthy businessman. He is incredibly successful. Their romance began when she interviewed him for the campus newspaper that she worked for. Eventually, he was the one who caused Anastasia Steele to lose her virginity. He wants her to sign a nondisclosure agreement so that they may continue to have a relationship that is only sexual. He describes the nature of their relationship as being one of “dominance and submission.” The dynamics of relationships, as well as the prospect of falling in love and having a romantic encounter, are a major source of conflict in this book. Anastasia’s sexual experiences are given significant weight in the narrative of the book. There are thousands upon thousands of people who have read and enjoyed this book. Because to his “immerse tv schedule,” the busy English actor and screenwriter charlie hunnam announced that he would not be able to take the main part in the production. The protagonist of the books is a well-known figure who leaves a deep impression on readers and has the potential to influence their thoughts in an enduring manner. It was only a month ago that the confirmation of his casting was released, and before to that, there were many rumors circulating about who would win this highly sought after job. charlie hunnam believes that due to his packed schedule, he is unable to thoroughly prepare for the character of Christian Grey, which he considers to be one of the most challenging roles in the industry. In addition to this, he has given the producers of the “Fifty Shades” movie his word that he would assist them in casting a suitable replacement for him in the picture. The movie received criticism from its audience once it was revealed that he will play the major part in the next production. The fans voted for actors such as robert pattinson and run gosling to portray the part of Christian Grey in the film adaptation of the book. There were some readers of the story who did not see charlie hunnam in the role of Christian Grey. They are of the opinion that Charlie Hunnam is not seductive enough to portray the character, and as a result, their reaction was lukewarm. In point of fact, they were miserable about it. Also attacked for the same reason is dakota johnson, but as of right now, she is in line to play the character of ana in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. The detractors are of the opinion that the dropout might be attributed to the power of fans. There are stories that indicate charlie hunnam genuinely had “cold feet” and opted out of portraying the contentious part. According to these claims, it had nothing to do with the Immerse TV programming schedule. The stress of having to perform one of the most wanted parts has also been cited as a contributing factor in the decision to drop out of the program. According to charlie hunnam, the strain of the film was “daunting if I felt it was too much.” If Dakota Johnson also chooses to withdraw from the picture, the producers and directors need to begin the process all over again.


This is the location where we can all come together and talk about fashion jewelry, including wholesale, retailing, trends, imports, and everything else related to jewels! Earrings with buttons: A number of well-known actors and actresses who appeared on the red carpet in 2012 were responsible for the emergence of a new design trend, which saw stud and button styles of earrings take the spotlight in 2013. I joined the procession to count the number of “out-of-stock” alerts and postings that were found for these styles on the electronic commerce or online buying stage. The fact that used buttons may be used into brand new jewelry and other items is the aspect of button recycling that appeals to me the most. Earrings with chandelier drops: in recent years, new designs that are more moderate in size have been shown at recent jewelry industry exhibits in 2012. Even in its reduced form as a more “condensed” version of the over-the-top attention grabbers of 2011, huge and bold is still capable of making a statement. barrettes, hair bands, tiaras, and brooches pinned in place have special appeal to younger consumers because of their whimsical impact. This trend may be seen at wedding catwalk presentations as well as at select red carpet events. Flapper outfits from the 2012 runway presentations and art deco-inspired designs in wedding and fine fashion jewelry are introducing a feeling of history to popular jewelry boxes. This is due to the fact that both of these types of jewelry are influenced by the jazz era. My prediction is that this will be the most prominent trend in the next year. movable and replaceable jewels: ear charms are a growing category that gives various appearances for owners (think of designs from trésor collection and oliver smith jeweler). In addition, the natural movement that is present in these designs and other varieties, such as mixed-link drop earrings, may complement outfits that are voluminous and those that call for drama. Pearls: Do you think they will play a major function for retailers in 2013? According to my sources, savvy retailers will continue to put an emphasis on selling fresh water and colorful strands of varying sizes for at least one more retail season. Column dresses will look great when accessorized with angular items such as square rings and bangles, while leather and horn embellishments will speak to a more tribal aesthetic in the world of fashion. There’s definitely something really sizzling about this situation! The pantone color of the year for 2012 is tangerine, which was also a great favorite during the spring runway shows. It should be used to combine with other bright hues, and it should be kept in stock in the form of stones such as citrine, fire opal, and others. I can provide you with the most credible advice for the jewels to utilize that are both sharp and hardy. yellow gold and stones: stones such as beryl and rutilated quartz are plentiful at fairs and exhibits, which suggests that both will be prominent in upcoming collections. The continued gold standard has been given more support as a result of the gold price’s recent decline. This should be music to your ears and other areas of your body! the following article may be found at:


According to a newly published research study by rncos entitled “global gene therapy market analysis,” the new age of gene therapy is addressing the increasing emphasis of the life sciences sector in therapeutic innovation. Over the course of the last few years, the sector has emerged as an area with enormous promise and has experienced an increase in the amount of research and advancements. According to a recent estimation that was carried out in our most recent grentabelle new era study, the global gene therapy industry has the potential to become an industry worth multiple millions of dollars by the end of 2017. This is because new products, particularly those in the advanced stage of clinical studies or with pending approvals, may enter the market to boost the growth of the industry. study evaluation and key points highlighted The study, which is spread out over 105 pages, offers an in-depth investigation and logical analysis of the market for gene therapy all over the world. In order to provide a more well-rounded perspective, the research includes not only a concise analysis of the most important geographical areas in the gene therapy market but also the regulatory environment that currently governs the business. The research discusses the important trends and factors that will push the expansion of the sector, such as gene silencing and improved medicines, among other topics. The report presents a comprehensive picture of the worldwide gene therapy market by including profiles of major industry competitors. This is done with the intention of providing readers with an understanding of the competitive landscape. The following are some of the most notable aspects of the report that were found: – the United States’ active participation in research and development for gene therapy – an increase in the number of clinical tests being conducted on gene therapy all across the globe For a free sample of this study, visit: Several of our reports that are relevant are as follows: – market forecasts for interferon through 2015 – market forecasts for insulin new era sales through 2015 – market forecasts for human growth hormone through 2015 – market forecasts for erythropoietin through 2015 – market analysis for the global biotech api market () Check out these related publications on: RNC Officers Rncos is an industry leader in providing innovative solutions and analytics for modern business sectors, with a particular focus on the new age cappelli sector. Our experts conduct an in-depth analysis of the sector as a whole as well as its many subparts, with a particular focus on the shifting patterns of market behavior. The quality and clarity of the data that we provide proves to be advantageous in terms of price and time management, which assists intended consultants in accomplishing their goals in a way that is both cost-effective and timely.


Behind the emotional baggage that kids carry—their feelings, their tales, their aspirations, their wants, and their dreams—each and every student has a voice that is unique to them and powerful. When developing a unit of instruction on life stories, it is important to take into account this component of a distinctive voice. Understanding the feelings of others and being able to communicate those feelings to other people both need a working knowledge of a second language. Therefore, it is really up to pre-school instructors to decide what, how, and why they instruct their students, as well as how best to shape their students’ language in a positive way. need a game plan for language arts? Are you concerned about putting together a lesson plan for language arts? Do you find yourself unsure about what to educate children in kindergarten? The vast majority of newly hired educators are typically concerned about instructing this issue in particular, and these educators are in need of unique ideas. These days, there are more and more competitors for teaching jobs, and a significant number of educators are concerned about how they may enhance their talents in order to compete. Everyone has the goal of being the best possible instructor in their chosen field. You shouldn’t be concerned about the increasing level of competition since the professionals at buysellteach are constantly ready to assist you. Every grade level has its own set of lesson plans that we may provide. lesson plan for instructors of children in kindergarten. buysellteach provides excellent lesson plans in language arts for instructors of pre-kindergarten students. The instructors will find these programs helpful in teaching the students and bringing about an improvement in their language skills. Here, instructors may get free language books and even purchase the lesson plans to use in their classrooms. The students are going to have a great time with these engaging lesson ideas. Our specialists collaborate on the unique ideas they have and work to improve them in every way so that we can provide the greatest results. Therefore, act quickly to purchase our programs and get started introducing forward-thinking concepts to the preschoolers in your care. what you are going to gain out of your language arts plan. purchase sell teach is an online educational center that caters to instructors of students in preschool through high school. Here, all of the professionals and educators purchase and sell their books, which are full of creative and engaging classroom activities. You may get books of a high quality to teach other languages at buysellteach. These lesson plan books are written specifically for instructors by writers of books, and the authors share their own experiences in the classroom in an effort to help readers improve their own teaching abilities. These programs include a large number of entertaining activities that children really look forward to playing while they are in school. The games are designed to make learning easier and more enjoyable for the students. Playing games is the most effective approach to educate everyone, but particularly young people. Here are some examples of titles of books that are related to language arts: a sentence starters package, file folder games for practicing blends and digraphs, scary writing prompts, word word puzzles employing onset and rime, seasonal spelling test printables, and more. Before you can begin teaching, you need to be familiar with the lesson plans and the activities that go along with them, which is a pretty simple undertaking. Encourage pupils to use their imaginations by providing them with amusing assignments that are connected to the material they are learning. Every child of pre-school age is capable of carrying out these activities successfully while being fully entertained. encounter a significant number of challenges in dealing with pupils on occasion. However, our books will provide advice and strategies to help you manage your kids and get them to focus on their schoolwork. Don’t be concerned; just keep an eye on our central location for online learning communities.


The primary purpose of stone jaw crushers is to smash hard rock as well as material for recycling. The jaw crusher can crush materials that are hard, harsh, and abrasive, and it has a large capacity for overloading. dsmac is a significant and major jaw crusher equipment provider, and they are able to provide jaw crushers for purchase in africa. jaw crushers available and their prices. stone The jaw crusher is a brand-new kind of crushing equipment that was developed using cutting-edge technology and years of crushing industry expertise. Jaw crushers are versatile machines that may be used for both primary and secondary crushing. A jaw crusher is able to crush material with a pressure of less than 320 mpa. In addition, jaw crusher is adaptable enough to be used in any difficult crushing application. The jaw crusher can handle the toughest rock as well as materials that have been recycled. The dsmac pe series of crushers are considered premium class crushers because of their design as well as the materials that are used to construct them. This is done to provide the best possible level of functionality and dependability, without making any sacrifices. Each model is subjected to extensive virtual testing for a variety of load circumstances, including those involving stress, strain, shock, deformation, thermal loading, vibration, and noise. The end result is an exceptionally high level of dependability. A jaw crusher is another kind of effective crusher that may help boost capacity. The correct ratio of feed opening width to depth guarantees that there will be the least amount of obstruction possible and removes any excess height from the crusher. The tooth profiles and the thickness of the jaws are adjusted, and the appropriate manganese steel alloys are paired with these improvements in order to enhance output and decrease operating costs. jaw crushers available at competitive prices in South Africa The jaw crusher is an essential piece of equipment in a variety of South African industries. Fitted with a dust-cleaning device tank, dampening layers are filled in the interlayer between the upper body and the lower body in order to limit the amount of noise produced by the vehicle. When combined, all of these factors have the potential to make the working environment more hygienic and secure. Granite, limestone, basalt, shale, river stone, bluestone, sandstone, calcium carbide, iron ore, cooper, and steel slag are some of the materials that may be crushed with a jaw crusher. The capacity of a jaw crusher may range anywhere from 10 to 1300 tons per hour. The jaw crusher has several applications, including those in the fields of mining, metallurgy, construction materials, highway construction, water conservation, and the chemical sector. The jaw crusher that is now available for purchase is the superior product that can satisfy any demand placed by customers. jaw crushers are known for their high crushing ratios, high production capacities, straightforward designs, and excellent overall performance. It is highly recommended that you get in contact with dsmac via online chat if you are interested in obtaining further specifics about mobile impact crusher facts and costs. our customer care is available online around the clock to not only provide you with the answers you need but also to help you save more time and money.


Ils soutiennent les efforts des enfants à apprendre à lire . et ils donnent aux enfants l’occasion de prendre la responsabilité de garder une trace de leur veste moncler , bottes , Å“uvres d’art , et d’autres choses .le temps d’hiver peut être très amusant , entre les chutes de neige et gelé en plein air patinoires . cependant, une vérité glaciale demeure pas moins que l’hiver est froid. portant veste moncler et des gants , ainsi que des foulards et des chapeaux de nous protéger de ce froid rigoureux de l’hiver , mais que dire de nos compagnons canins ? chiens , aussi, doivent avoir quelque chose pour aider à garder au chaud quand ils sont dehors en hiver. sachant que les chiens sont les mieux adaptés pour doggy veste moncler, et qui doudoune moncler sont les meilleurs pour le chien, peut garder le meilleur ami de l’homme de tomber malade dans le air.when froid de l’hiver ce qui concerne les questions de taille , à froid. un milieu de chien de grande taille , comme un labrador ou un grand danois , ont plus épaisse veste moncler et une peau plus épaisse . ils n’ont généralement pas besoin d’une veste moncler pour les chiens aussi souvent. toutefois, si vous avez un chien de grande race , gardez à l’ esprit que ces chiens développent souvent hanche et les problèmes articulaires à mesure qu’ils vieillissent . dès l’âge de sept ans, un chien adulte est considérée comme une personne âgée . le froid va couper droit à travers les os déjà endoloris , et juste comme un humain , ils auront besoin d’ une veste moncler pour les garder ménages warm.most ont aujourd’hui les petits chiens de race , en particulier les familles qui vivent dans des appartements . les chiens comme jack russell terrier , terrier de boston , et shi tzu s sont de petits chiens de race et auront certainement besoin d’une veste moncler pour l’hiver. ces chiens n’ont pas la peau plus épaisse , ni fourrure épaisse que les grands chiens ont . tout chien entre les poids de 14 à 25 kilogrammes ( 30 55 livres) et moins de neuf kilogrammes (20 livres) aura besoin d’une veste moncler d’hiver. ces veste moncler peut être à la fois amusant et functional.picking la veste moncler correct pour votre chien ne doit pas être une tâche difficile , que ce soit . si vous êtes désireux de choisir une doudoune moncler homme qui va garder votre petit ami à quatre pattes au chaud dans les mois d’hiver, alors gardez à l’ esprit la façon dont votre chien est actif . petits chiens tels que les chihuahuas peuvent passer la majorité du temps, qui se tiendra dans vos bras ou dans un sac de voyage . si c’est le cas, alors ils peuvent seulement besoin d’un pull pour les garder au chaud . toutefois, si votre chien est un peu plus grand et plus actif , comme un jack russell terrier, puis un tondu , preuve de l’eau veste moncler peut être necessary.when dimensionnement d’une veste moncler pour votre chien , vous devez garder à l’esprit que sont comme moncler homme veste . quelle peut être la bonne taille dans une marque peut aussi être une taille différente dans une autre marque . par exemple, vous pouvez acheter une veste moncler d’un fabricant qui s’inscrit comme un support sur ??votre chien , mais le moyen d’un autre fabricant peut être trop petit ou trop grand . la plupart veste moncler et chandails offrent dimensions en pouces. elle est mesurée à partir de l’ arrière du cou à la base de la queue . si votre magasin de fournitures pour animaux de compagnie ne permet pas de chiens, puis mesurer vos cabots arrière du cou à la base de la queue . cela vous donnera une meilleure idée de ce que la taille vous aurez besoin. cependant, il est toujours préférable de prendre votre animal avec vous pour un fitting.also plus précis, rappelez-vous que la veste moncler ne devrait pas être trop lâche. si la veste moncler ne s’insère pas correctement , on peut se salir quand vous animal a besoin d’uriner . see more:


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Fantasy has long been the most popular literary subgenre among readers who like elevating their ideas beyond the bounds of reality and venturing into worlds that have traditionally been inaccessible to human beings. No matter their age or preferred reading style, dedicated readers cannot dispute the undeniable reality that they like reading fantasy just as much as they enjoy reading any other genre. Therefore, when we think about fantasy reading, the ancient Star Wars novels immediately spring to mind as one of the most fantastic and engrossing fantasy novel series. These books have won the hearts of many people all over the world. It is a fantasy fictional account of life beyond earth, established on an alien planet known as zultorian, where a young scribe discovers the tormented life of a fellow zultorian, zoya, who has lost herself on a planet called earth. For those who are unfamiliar with the old Star Wars, it is a fantasy fictional account of life beyond earth. For those who are familiar with the old Star Wars, it is a fictional account of life beyond earth. The original Star Wars series was written as a trilogy, and the first book in the series, titled “The Odyssey Chronicles: The Life of Zoya,” explains to readers how a person as pure as Zoya was able to persevere despite the challenges of living on an alien world with her earthly family. The reader will also learn the history behind why she made the challenging choice to go to earth and why she chose to remain there to live a life full of pain and tragedy when she arrived there. In addition to this, it describes how her peaceful and secure vacation deteriorates into a suicidal one filled with terrifying dreams, complete darkness, and a lot of other things. The beautifully intertwined story of Zoya takes a sharp turn in the second book of the trilogy named, “The Odyssey Chronicles: A Wizard’s Tale.” This book tells its readers more about two powerful wizards who have ruled the galaxies together with their powers at the epic, while they are enjoying the fruits of love and hatred in this hungry game of power. Zoya’s story is beautifully intertwined, but it takes a sharp turn in the second book of the trilogy. Together, for their personal benefit as well as the benefit of their people, they created the galaxies, reigned over them, destroyed them, and even brought life to them. It also describes how their tight relationship began to fray as a consequence of the fractures that appeared in their minds, which ultimately led to the destruction of the planet. When one reaches the third volume in the Star Wars saga, The Odyssey Chronicles: The After World, it becomes progressively more difficult to accept the notion that all that we are reading is just pure fiction with very little basis in the actual world. Because everything is so precisely outlined and put together, a reader will have a hard time believing that after they finish the book, their make-believe world would come to an end inside the pages of the book. This is the strength of the Star Wars book: it gets you hooked on something that does not exist with its inconceivable people and events that keep one hooked on it as if they are all real and can confront humanity at some point in time. This is the power of Star Wars. The author acknowledges in their profile that the original Star Wars novel had a significant impact on their work. She divulges some facts about the Star Wars book. Please go to for any more information you may want.

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