How to install phpMyAdmin on LOCAL server

I used to use the UWAMP local server exclusively for years, and while I still enjoyed it, I had to look for other options because UWAMP is not evolving and updating correctly in a timely manner, which is troubling. I tried WAMP, XAMP, and some others. For those who are unaware, these are internal local […]


I was lucky to spend some quality time in beautiful Poway, working with my car and delivering in that particular area. Even if I had a Toyota Camry, miles were pailing, and the car was getting more and more difficult to maintain. Especially with the prices around, I went to MIDAS Poway, and I never […]

Issue with T-Mobile “imaginary” account password.

I rented internet access and a T-Mobile modem. I could essentially pay for what you use and return a modem when you’re done with it; there was no deadline or specified time for returns. I canceled service after a year of use in April by calling one month in advance. I then followed up to […]

Why are the majority of government workers so rude and impolite?

Every time I have to visit the US Post Office or DMV, the clerks in San Diego, CA 92103, are extremely unpleasant without any discernible cause. Especially with people who speak with an accent. They appear to be acting impolitely, rudely, or inappropriately just because they can. Most individuals are accustomed to keeping their lips […]

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